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A comfortable and safe journey in a fully-airconditioned campervan

Reliable, new RVs with air conditioning, MY 2021

We rent top of the line campervans BY the renowned Pilote brand. These comfortable campervans are fully-equipment with functional feature which and surprising, stylish design. All our campervans have air-conditioning - including parking AC! See the campers.

Travel safe in a camper

Every campervan in our rental is covered by a manufacturer's warranty and comes with a third-party insurance package (OC + AC + Assistance). Don’t waste time. Enjoy a trouble-free trip with Koko Kamper.

RV Rental - free parking

You do not have to worry about where to leave your car. We provide you with a safe and FREE parking spot.

Unlimited mileage
when you rent for than 5 days

Enjoy every moment while comfortably traveling in your rented, fully equipped campervan. Reach your dream destinations without counting the miles.

Book early
and enjoy discounts

We offer a incentives when you rent two or more RVs. Take advantage of our special FIRST MINUTE rental offer and reserve a comfortable RV for next year.

Easy to understand rules
and camper equipment included

A luxurious camper is always cleaned up and ready to go. Everything you need, plus all the necessary equipment - gas bottle, a filled and clean water tank, connections – is included in the price. The kitchen is also fully equipped with pots and pans, dishes, and cutlery. We can also provide you with a light and practical outdoor table and chairs.

Rent an RV - adventure awaits!

Don't waste time, get on the road

Choose the air-conditioned campervan that's perfect for you - campervan rental

Premium camper

Luxurious, functional and fully air-conditioned 4-person camper for our most demanding customers – from 790 PLN/day

Prestige camper

Comfortable, fully air-conditioned camper for 5 people, ensuring a comfortable journey and enjoyment all year round. From 590 PLN/day.

Kokokamper RV Rental - This is how our story began...

We got to know mobile homes in Chałupy and yachts in Masuria… But when we went skiing in Switzerland in an RV, we fell in love with RVs and this form of travel. We decided that a campervan is about more than a holiday – it can be the adventure of a lifetime and even a way of life. This is how our RV rental near Warsaw was established. We specialize in renting luxurious RVs.

Take advantage of our experience and travel in a luxurious campervan! Renting a camper van will bring you lots of joy and guarantee you an amazing vacation.