Campers for companies – B2B rental

A camper for a promotional campaign, mobilne advertisement, movie set, or even as an employee benefit? Koko Kamper will tackle any challenge. Our campers can work for you or your customers. Thanks to us, you can carry out even the most ambitious projects. Interested? 

Comfortable campers are more than a way to travel on holiday. They are also a ticket to unlimited opportunities for advertising agencies, film producers and any ambitious company that wants something more than the usual outdoor advertising. So, if you:

  • want to carry out a wide-reaching promotional activity and/or place a mobile advertisement on a camper
  • need comfortable facilities for your film photo-shoot crew,
  • are interested in long-term rental of a camper (min. 3 months),
  • are looking for an attractive employee benefit,

this is the solution – modern and comfortable campers from Koko Kamper!

Campers for promotional campaigns - of regions, tourist attractions, services, and products

Looking for a spectacular way to promote your services or products? We can help!

  • We will rent a camper van to your company on attractive terms.
  • We will enable you to wrap the vehicle with visible advertising. 
  • We will help you choose a route and camping sites.
  • We will provide advice at every stage of the campaign.

See a great activity that was part of "Fashion for Mazovia" campaign

Our Koko Kamper vehicle travelled around Mazovia for a month visited more than 50 spots. The reports were available and were very popular in social media!

  • An audience of more that 2,500,000 on social media and websites 
  • More than 210,000 ‘likes’ of related posts 

Want to carry out a similar campaign and need ideas? We will be happy to help you plan a promotional activity involving our campers! Together we will do something your competitors have never dreamed of! Be the first to join an exclusive group. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter…your camper, in action, will be mentioned everywhere! 

Moda na Mazowsze i KoKo Kamper

What can you promote using a Koko Kamper vehicle?

  • Promote products such as drinks, snacks, sporting goods, board games, sunscreen – visit popular tourist attractions or events in a camper – carry out activities targeted at tourists and participants of concerts and other seasonal events. The camper has a very large loading capacity – you can take up to 400 kg of your promotional materials + a trailer with up to 750 kg of capacity.
  • Promote a theme park or other tourist attraction – visit the nearby cities by camper, tell potential customers about your business, surprise them!
  • Promote a region – invite famous celebrities or bloggers to visit the most interesting places in your region. The trip in a luxury camper will meet the standards of even the most demanding people. Get surprised by the huge reach in social media and on the web! 
  • Promote a sports event or a concert – a camper wrapped in advertising messages will attract attention and encourage customers to take part in your event. And imagine what can happen if a famous singer or sports star is in your promotional camper signing autographs! Everyone will look for the camper and follow its route, holding their breath! You can count on huge interest and a lot of “buzz” in social media!

Mobile advertising on a camper - rent a camper and wrap it in advertising

Want to promote your product but aren’t interested in a big promotional campaign? Wrap our camper in advertising and get the coolest mobile billboard ever! Advertising on this unique vehicle is a great (and effective!) promotion idea. 

Our customers travel thousands of kilometers in their campers, visiting the most interesting regions in Poland and spots that are filled with tourists. A camper stands out on the road – we’re sure that you’ve looked at one with interest more than once. 

Do you long for adventure and freedom? Your customers do too! Campers symbolize independence, which is what makes advertising on them so effective! They stand out in parking lots and campgrounds and catch the eye of many of your potential customers. 

Try the incredibly effective outdoor advertising on a camper! It’ll make you stand out!

Products and services that are a perfect fit for promotion on campers:

  • products for hikers and trekkers
  • bikes & accessories 
  • sporting goods
  • camping and survival accessories 
  • pet accessories
  • fishing accessories
  • groceries
  • brewery brands
  • automotive products, car cosmetics
  • gas stations 
  • sun & body-care cosmetics 
  • board games
  • travel insurance
  • cell phones, laptops, electronics
  • tourism and travel agency websites
  • and all other products and services associated with travel, freedom, and vacation 
reklama na kamperze

Camper for a film set or advertising event

Have you planned a photo shoot or organized a film set with beautiful scenery but a lack of comfortable accommodation for actors and key crew members nearby? Don’t worry – you can rent our comfortable campers and ensure accommodation in luxurious air-conditioned and heated facilities – this high standard will satisfy even the most demanding guests. With Koko Kamper you can shoot a film set anywhere, regardless of the weather or season!

The camper is also perfect as a comfortable place to change clothes, use the toilet and relax. Additionally, thanks to a fully equipped kitchen, you can make coffee, tea, or a meal for the whole team.

Campers as an employee benefit

No, we aren’t joking! A camper for your employees will make your company stand out on the job market!

Think about it, do your employees appreciate tickets to sporting events, shopping vouchers, “fruit” Thursdays and access to the office gym? Not likely, these kind of employee benefits don’t impress anyone anymore! 

But one thing is for sure – employees from any industry would love to spend their vacation in a luxurious camper! A corporate camper, valued at 400 000 zł, is more than an employee benefit, it’s a dream.

A company camper for employees can be driven by anyone with a category B driver’s license. A dream employee benefit! You can either rent a camper for your company as a long-term rental on very favorable terms (and make it available to your employees) or rent a camper for a short period of time: as a reward. We guarantee that your employees will be super-excited with the idea and return from the trip energized and ready to work.

And just imagine your new job ads – describing this unique benefit and featuring photos of happy people on vacation, in a camper! 

When you rent a Koko Kamper vehicle, you don’t have to worry about technical issues, we can take care of everything related to renting a camper for your employees, including maintaining and storing the camper when it is “free”. Specific conditions are outlined in an individual rental agreement.

  • The camper is always ready to go,
  • Maintained,
  • Insured,
  • … just use it; we’ll take care of everything for you!

Home Office or workcation in a camper

In times of the pandemic, many companies send their employees to work remotely. Did you know that your employees, instead of working in a crowded city, could have a view of a sparkling lake or majestic mountains while still sitting in front of their laptop?

If you want to surprise your employees this way, you can send them on a “workcation” – that is a combination of work and rest – after 8 hours of work they can go to the beach, take a boat ride on the lake or work in 4+4 // 4+4+2-hour mode. We are convinced that creativity and willingness to work will increase by 200%!

All you need to do is rent a Koko Kamper vehicle from us. It will be a real pleasure to work in a luxurious air-conditioned / heated camper, and – after hours – your employees can enjoy summer or winter recreational activities. They are sure to be delighted and even more motivated to work for your company.

Each Koko Kamper vehicle is fully equipped for remote living and working thanks to:

  • comfortable beds for sleeping
  • spacious living room with table
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • functional bathroom
  • air conditioning and heating
  • the possibility of working outdoors

Long-term camper rental

Have another business idea involving a camper, but don’t want to invest in your own vehicle yet? A long-term camper rental (min. 3 months) – on favorable terms – is the perfect solution. You can rent a Koko Kamper vehicle from us for a few months, the whole year or ever longer! Get in touch. We’ll make an offer that’s specially tailored to meet your needs.  

Rent a camper for your business or customers and success is guaranteed!