Caravans and your driver's license

Caravan driver’s license 

Before you book a date, check if you need a special driver’s license, and if your car can pull a caravan. How?

Calculate the GVW of the kit

Look in column O.1 of your vehicle registration for the maximum GVW of a trailer you can tow with your vehicle. The GVW of our trailers cannot be higher than the value you find in this box. 

Example calculation of GVW of a set of vehicles: 

Check the gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicle and use the formula below.

  • Driver’s license category B – Gross Vehicle weight of the trailer: e.g., 1600 kg + gross vehicle weight of your car X = maximum 3500 kg
  • Driving license category B96 – Gross Vehicle weight of the trailer e.g., 1600 kg + GVW of your car X = maximum 3500-4250 kg
  • Driving license category B + E – Gross Vehicle weight of trailer e.g., 1600 kg + Gross vehicle weight of your car X = maximum 7000 kg

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of your vehicle can be found IN the vehicle registration under heading F.2.

Caravans – which license – if you are still in doubt, please contact us, we will answer all your questions and advise you. When calling, have your vehicle registration in front of you.

Before you arrive, visit a motor vehicle inspection station to make sure that the electrical outlet to your trailer is in working order and does not require additional repairs.