Kamper do wynajęcia - poznaj odpowiedzi na najczęściej zadawane pytania

In order to rent an RV you must have a category B driver’s license and be at least 25 years old. After meeting these basic requirements, virtually anyone can take advantage of our campervan rental offer.

The deposit must be paid in cash or by bank transfer. The funds must be credited no later than the day of departure.

Our prices include, so you do not need to add 23% vat.

All costs of renting a camper are described in detail in the Pricing section

Due to the larger size of RVs than standard cars, as well as the position behind the wheel, driving these vehicles is different from driving passenger cars. It’s especially important to remember especially about the height, width and length of our RV. Contrary to the above, traveling in an RV is really enjoyable and we quickly adapt to our new role – the RV driver. You sit up high in the camper and this makes it easier to observe the road and what is happening on it.

Our modern campers are equipped with systems that make driving easier and ensure comfort and safety for the driver and passengers.

  • heating and air conditioning
  • TV
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • sunshade (including floor)
  • table and a set of chairs

Yes, you can take your pet on the trip, however, this will mean an additional fee for cleaning up after your pet in the amount of 250 PLN including tax. If your dog or cat gets messier, this fee may be higher.

A vehicle weighing up to 3.5 tones, i.e. a camper van from our rental service, is treated like any other passenger vehicle. As a result, in most European countries you can park your motorhome wherever you can park a normal passenger car. However, we must remember a very important thing: parking is different from camping.

When the wheels are in contact with the ground, we call it parking, but we do not use levelling pads and there are no camping accessories around the car such as: chairs, table or other elements that do not constitute a body of the vehicle. When parking, the windows of the car must be closed and no activities related to camping, such as cooking a meal, may be carried out in the car.

Camping with a camper is only allowed in designated areas.

The times when camping sites were associated with neglected and boring pieces of land are long gone. In many places in Poland and Europe, campsites are located in picturesque places, by the water, close to city centers. They have fully developed infrastructure, well-kept and regularly cleaned bathrooms and kitchens, and even playgrounds and aquaparks.

Worth exploring www.camprest.com

You can drive 550-650 km on one full tank when driving economically. Campervans consume 10-12l/100 km.

If you have any problems with your Camper, please contact us immediately. We always offer our advice and experience and will of course help you as much as we can.

The camper is returned to us cleaned and washed from the outside. Near our headquarters there is a car wash where you can wash your RV for 8-10 PLN.

There is no need for this. The RV kitchen is equipped with pots, pans, French press, glasses, cups, cutlery set – you don’t need to bring to enjoy cooking anywhere!

Yes, for hygienic reasons this is the best solution! Our clients use their own linens and towels – bring your own comforters, pillows, bedding, sheets and towels.

A category B driver’s license is sufficient to drive our camper. You do not need any special licenses.

Choosing a camper for rent depends on your preferences and your budget. Our offer includes only new campervans of the highest quality, with air conditioning and gravity heating, so each of our campervans meets the expectations of customers looking for a safe and comfortable camper for their trip. If you appreciate space, access to the living room even when the beds are folded down and you dream of relaxing in the highest possible standard, choose a Premium camper. If you are looking for a comfortable and practical camper for 5 people which at the same time is affordable, choose a Prestige camper. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be more than happy to help you make a decision and choose an RV which is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our campers are well equipped – see prestige campers details and luxury premium campers details. Bring your own bedding and towels. And definitely – a good mood!