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We will help you make your dream trip a reality thanks to our modern and comfortable campers! We focus on the quality and safety of our campers and are committed to making your trip perfect and 100% trouble-free.

Michał Korczak zespół Kokokamper

Michael Korczak

Co-owner of Koko Kamper.

A fan of spending time camping in Chałupy and proud father of Julian. In his day-to-day life he runs an auto-repair business called Boost Auto Service. Campers are the vehicles he is passionate about.

Jakub Kocjan zespół Kokokamper

Jakub Kocjan

Co-owner of the Koko Kamper. 

Apart from caravanning he is a big wakeboarding fan and a sailing enthusiast who has organized over 25 trips across Mazowsze. But campers are his real hobby.  He also runs the Motiva HR consulting company.