Buying a camper? It's easy
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How to buy a camper?

Dreaming of owning your own camper? See lots of “for sale” offers on the market but can’t decide if a specific camper is the one that will best meet your needs? It’s obvious that you don’t want to buy something you can’t understand. 

Buying a camper should be a step in the adventure of a lifetime!

If you are wondering where to buy a camper this offer is for you!

You can try and buy the camper of your dreams at KoKo Kamper rental!

The advantages of buying a new or used camper with the help of KoKo Kamper:

  • try a KoKo Kamper camper and buy a new one in the showroom
  • try a KoKo Kamper camper and buy a used one from our fleet

Price of the camper

The price of a new or used camper depends on many factors. But you can be sure that buying a camper from KoKo Kamper will be an excellent choice!

buying a camper, things to check before making a purchase

Where to buy a camper?

How do you find the camper of your dreams?  Get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the models that best meet your needs.

Not sure which camper to choose? We’ll help you decide!

Campers are a way of life. They can make your dreams of freedom and adventure come true. That’s why it’s so important that the camper you choose matches your specific needs and style of traveling. It has to be perfect and give you that “this is the one” feeling. 

You should feel great in it and feel comfortable taking your family and friends on trips. 

Everyone looks for something a little different in a camper. That’s why – at KoKo Kamper – the first thing we do is ask you: what exactly are you looking for? It’s how we’re sure our advice is sound. 

  • What make of camper would work best?
  • Is it better to choose a camper on a Fiat, Ford, Mercedes or different chassis?
  • What interior layout will work best?
  • Which additional equipment you need and what you can do without?

Buying a camper - first rent the camper you are interested in

Buying a new camper is a big investment. Is it an integra or semi-integra camper that will work best for you? Or maybe what you need is campervan? Do you need a separate bedroom or a living area that’s available around the clock? Before you decide which type of body and model to choose, we suggest renting a camper from KoKo Kamper and going on vacation in it. We recommend that you rent a specific camper for at least a few days so that you can fully experience all the advantages of that vehicle.

Buying an RV - trying before you buy

You get an attractive discount on the purchase of a camper

If you decide to purchase a camper with the help of KoKo Kamper, a portion of the rental costs for the “test” will be subtracted from the purchase price of your camper. 

You're not buying an expensive camper blindfolded

Our campers are from the latest model years and feature an extensive list of additional equipment. During your trip, you’ll have a chance to test everything the vehicle has to offer and decide if it meets your needs. And if you discover there is something you definitely don’t like we’ll let you know if that can be fixed by adding/subtracting equipment or if another camper you can rent will better match your needs. 

How to buy a camper? Take advantage of our experience and advice

At KoKo Kamper we not only run a company that rents campers, we’ve also been going caravanning for years. Are you planning a trip in the winter? If so, you need a camper that’s well-insulated and equipped with proper heating. We will tell you what options there are in terms of heating a camper and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Or maybe you need a camper that’s only going to travel in warm weather? In that case we’ll tell you about the most efficient air-conditioning which will provide you with comfort no matter how hot it gets outside. We know what you need to watch out for and which things on the optional equipment list are essential depending on the vehicle you choose. This also means that, when you buy your own camper, you’ll only pay for the additional equipment you really need and none of the gadgets you don’t.

Buying a camper – we’ll help you choose the best financing and insurance

How to finance the purchase of a camper?

Owning a camper is a lot of fun, but also a big financial commitment. If you are not planning on purchasing your camper with cash, then you will be interested in the different financing options available. We will explain everything and help you choose the best option.

How to insure a camper?

Choosing the best insurance option for a camper isn’t as easy as it is in the case of a car. And we know that good camper insurance is an essential part of the recipe for a peaceful and safe trip. That’s why we also provide our customers with advice in this area – taking into account not only price, but most importantly the scope of the insurance and how experienced the insurer is.

Buying a camper with no surprises. A good offer with little formalities

Contact us! Thanks to KoKo Kamper the camper of your dreams, the one that perfectly matches your needs, will be at your door. We’ll make your caravanning dreams come true! We provide:

  • advice, testing and sale of Frankia brand campers
  • advice, testing and sale of Pilote brand campers
  • advice and testing of Randger brand campers
  • advice and testing of Hobby brand campers
  • advice and testing of Chausson brand campers
  • advice and testing of Adria brand campers

Where to buy a camper in Poland:

Discover our fleet – campers available for rent and testing at Koko Kamper in Warsaw or Gdansk.

Pilote camper sale - try and buy

Pilote campers are made in France and are considered leading camper brand. A luxurious list of equipment and functional interior make these campers very popular among caravanning enthusiasts. The extraordinary level of comfort while traveling and resting in a Pilote camper guarantees a great vacation any time of the year. 

At KoKo Kamper you can test several Pilote campers:

Frankia camper sale - try and buy

Frankia campers are made in Germany and feature modern solutions that improve the caravanning experience, including an exceptionally luxurious and well finished living area. The very good reviews and extensive equipment list make them a popular choice among travelers who focus on comfort. Frankia campers offer a premium feel that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

At KoKo Kamper you can test a super luxurious and large Frankia model:

Chausson campers - try before you buy

The French brand Chausson is a very large manufacturer of campers. It belongs to Trigano, the European conglomerate, which specializes in the production of tourism vehicles. Chausson campervans are very popular because of the good value for money and excellent quality and technical specs they offer. Traveling in a Chausson camper is extremely comfortable!

You can test the following Chausson camper models at KoKo Kamper:

Randger campers - test before you buy

Randger is a well-known brand of French campers. They specialize in manufacturing VAN type campers. What makes them special is their smaller size which makes it easier to travel wherever you choose. Despite the smaller living space these campers offer excellent ergonomics which lets them rival larger campers in terms of functionality and equipment.

At KoKo Kamper you can test the following models of Randger campervan:

Hobby Campers - try before you buy

The Hobby brand is a true specialist when it comes to campers. These vehicles are manufactured in Germany in accordance with the highest standards of quality and precision. They are perfectly equipped and maintain a very good price to quality ratio. That makes them popular all over the world.

How much does a camper cost?

The price of campers varies depending on the specific model and standard equipment. 

Prices start at PLN 270 000 not including applicable taxes.

For prices of used campers from our fleet please get in touch. 
We’ll be happy to make you an offer!

Where to buy a used camper?

At KoKo Kamper, of course! You can try a camper from our fleet and then buy a proven vehicle!

Camper - buying - why is it worth it?

Buying the camper of your dreams lets you vacation in comfort and provides an amazing sense of freedom. It’s also… a great business idea. If you want to buy a camper and make money on it, take a look

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