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How to buy a caravan?

Buying a caravan is a major decision that can be your ticket to an amazing world where you can make your dreams of freedom and traveling come true. If you want a caravan that perfectly matches your needs take advantage of the opportunity to try before you buy! 

  • We provide professional, tailored advice on choosing the caravan of your dreams.
  • We help select a caravan model that meets all your expectations. 
  • At KoKo Kamper you can rent a caravan and find out if you definitely want to buy it.

If you are thinking of buying a caravan, then this offer is for you!

At KoKo Kamper caravan rental you can test and buy the new or used caravan of your dreams. 


  • Try at KoKo Kamper and buy a new caravan. 
  • Try at KoKo Kamper and buy a used caravan from our fleet.

Buying a caravan in 4 steps

  1. Tell us about your needs and expectations.
  2. Take advantage of the rental option and try it out.
  3. Listen to our advice on financing and insurance.
  4. Travel in a caravan that’s perfectly matched to your needs and enjoy!

Which caravan to buy? What should I look for when buying a caravan? We provide advice!

You’re only a few steps away from owning a new caravan. This home on wheels can take you and your family or friends on the vacation of your dreams in Poland, Europe and beyond. But getting the most out of your holiday is easier if you choose a caravan that matches your travel style.

  • Do you prefer a single or double axle caravan?
  • Do you need heating (for example if you are planning on travelling in the winter)
  • Which air-conditioning system works best?
  • Which equipment is important and what can do without?

There is a bunch of other questions. That’s why – at KoKo Kamper – we always start the conversations about buying a caravan by asking you about your needs and expectations. That way we can provide you with sound advice and choose the perfect caravan for YOU. 

Buying a caravan – first rent and try the model of your choice

Buying a new caravan involves a significant financial investment. Before you make a decision  take advantage of the rental option at KoKo Kamper and go one on vacation. 

A longer trip gives you a chance to fully experience the caravan you have chosen and decide whether it is the model you want to own. If the caravan does not meet your expectations, we will be happy to provide you with advise on what changes can be made in equipment to better match the caravan to your needs. We can also offer you a different model to try.

Price of a caravan

The price of a new or used caravan depends on a number of factors. Prices of new caravans from KoKo Kamper start at 85 thousand PLN not including taxes. 

At KoKo Kamper you get an attractive discount on the purchase of a caravan

Part of the cost for the test rental will be deducted from the purchase price of a new caravan.

Buying a caravan - what to watch?

Once you have decided to buy a caravan there are two more important decisions to be made – choosing a form of financing and insurance. The specialists at KoKo Kamper will be happy to help you choose the option that is best for you.

How to finance the purchase of a caravan?

If you are not going to buy a caravan with cash you will certainly be interested in financing options such as leasing or a loan. We will help you choose the most-favourable solution and buy the caravan.  

How do I insure my caravan?

Fully insuring your caravan is a guarantee that you can travel in it worry free. We have lots of experience when it comes to  choosing the right insurance for a caravan and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Where to buy a caravan?

Discover our fleet – new caravans to try before you buy are waiting for you at Koko Kamper in Warsaw or Gdansk.

Hobby caravans - try before you buy

Hobby is the largest manufacturer of caravans in the world. Years of experience and advanced technological solutions ensure the excellent quality and reliability of Hobby caravans. This company focuses on functionality and comfort, so even the basic versions are well equipped. At the same time the wide range of configuration options and large selection of additional equipment mean that Hobby caravans can satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Hobby caravans available to try before you buy at KoKo Kamper:

How much does a caravan cost?

The price of a caravan depends on the specific model and equipment you choose. 

New caravan prices start at 85 000 PLN not including applicable taxes.

Used caravans from our fleet – limited stock – ask for availability and prices.


Where to buy a used caravan?

You can rent and try the caravans from our fleet and then buy a proven vehicle at KoKo Kamper.

Is buying a used caravan worth it?

Buying a caravan is the beginning of an amazing adventure that guarantees a comfortable vacation in any corner of Europe. You can travel whenever you want without worrying about availability of rental which is especially important in peak season. Charming campsites, star filled skies and amazing caravanning adventures await. 

Caravans - where to buy?

Welcome to KoKo Kamper! We provide advice, answer all your questions and give you the option of renting before you buy. Caravans for sale are waiting for you. Soon you’ll be able to go on the vacation of your dreams.

What to consider when buying a new caravan?

  • The price of the caravan – depends on the standard and equipment of the caravan, sometimes it is better to pay a little extra but be sure that you’ll always be comfortable.
  • Total weight of the trailer (due to the category of the driving license for the trailer), also check the GVW of your vehicle (the GVW of your vehicle can be found in the registration certificate in box F.2).
  • The dimensions of the caravan – if you plan to park the caravan in your own driveway it is worth checkingt if it will definitely fit there.
  • Air-conditioning and other accessories.

Caravan sales - try and buy with KoKo Kamper

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