Winter camper - year-round camper rental

Go skiing in a camper! An entirely new dimension of winter tourism! In a warm and cozy winter camper from Koko Kamper

You can go skiing in a camper this winter! Do you love the mountains in winter, but not the crowded hotels and guesthouses? A winter camper is the perfect solution. Just book a year-round camper from our rental service and a spot at a year-round camping site – in Poland, Austria, Switzerland – wherever you want. All campers from Koko Kamper rental are intended for year-round use – heating and air conditioning will provide you a comfortable holiday in any season. Even winter!

Winter Campers for Rent

A camper in winter is a great way to spend Christmas or any other holiday. Year-round travel in a camper from our rental service is possible – an RV is perfect in winter, regardless of the weather conditions.

So, if you want to go skiing in a camper van to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, or even to Scandinavia or Andorra, you are in the right place! Our winter camper will keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as -25°C. We are waiting for you!

Winter camper rentals

Our year-round campers are designed to travel and provide comfort all year round – even in the winter. In our year-round campers you can rest whenever and wherever you want! Winter camping sites are perfectly prepared to welcome enthusiasts of camping in winter.

Camper: winter edition

At Koko RV Rental, every camper is equipped with reliable heating and air conditioning. This ensures that you won’t get cold, even in severely low temperatures. The excellent insulation and heating in the camper will keep you pleasantly warm, no matter the weather. The water tanks (clean and dirty) are heated and will not freeze. The camper is like a warm and cozy apartment in the winter. 

Travelling in a camper during winter - your idea for the perfect holiday!

No matter the weather, cold or snow, our camper performs reliably in the winter, both on the road and at the campground. 

Where can you go in a camper during winter? Wondering where to go for a winter camper trip? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you! There is now a large selection of year-round camping sites that you can visit in your camper, for example those at ski resorts in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, not to mention Poland.

Winter camper rental

Check out our range of luxurious and comfortable year-round campers for rent!

Prestige and Premium winter campers – view the interior and equipment of our year-round campers! 

In addition to standard equipment, the winter camper also has gas cylinders, chains, and leveling rails. Our winter camper is equipped with tire chains which ensure safety and comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. When renting a camper, we will show you how to put them on properly.

Winter camper – price list

We are flexible and can tailor the date and number of days of rental to your needs. For example:

  • Year-round Prestige camper for 9 days – from Friday to Saturday – 4000 PLN including tax
  • Year-round Premium camper for 9 days – from Friday to Saturday – 5000 PLN including tax

Winter campers – mileage limit

The milage limit for renting a year-round camper is 2500 km. You can increase the limit by 500 km. Each additional package costs 350 PLN including / +500 km. 

Winter camper – rental

Proven winter campsites in Poland and across Europe are waiting for you! Ask us about recommended destination for camper trips in winter! It’s a great idea for the Holidays or just planning a unique trip with family/friends. Modern winter campers from our rental service will provide you with an unforgettable, yet fully comfortable holiday.

Winter campers – rent in Warsaw - only from Koko Kamper!

Winter camper - additional information

Going skiing in a camper but worried about humidity?

Winter campgrounds usually have facilities for skiers:

  • you can dry your clothes and ski boots in the drying room*
  • you can easily find storage space for your ski equipment*
  • you can use heated bathrooms, kitchens, and common rooms for children

*It is always a good idea to make sure before you go.

At many winter campsites (especially in the ski resorts of Switzerland and Austria) you’ll find attractions such as saunas and warm pools. Many campsites are located close to the ski slopes or offer a free shuttle bus service right up to the lifts.

Why travel in a camper this winter?

Go skiing in a camper with the whole family! Instead of boring hotel rooms and crowds of guests – choose peace, quiet and comfortable conditions.

  • memorable adventures
  • comfort and independence
  • safety in times of the pandemic
  • convenience of travel
  • ability to change locations quickly
  • no need to unpack and re-pack 

Skiing in a camper – we’ll tell you what you need to know!

Winter trips by camper – want to experience winter adventure in your camper, but don’t have any idea where to go? Don’t worry – we’ll help you choose the best destinations for camper trips in the winter and plan an unforgettable vacation. Where to go skiing in a camper: Poland or in the Alps? We help you decide! Call us or write – we will answer all your questions and help you book the perfect campsite!

  • skiing by camper in Austria
  • skiing by camper in Switzerland
  • skiing by camper in Italy
  • skiing by camper in France
  • skiing by camper in Germany
  • skiing by camper in Georgia
  • skiing by camper in Andorra
  • skiing by camper in Poland

Have an idea for a different destination? No problem!

Which camper for winter? A heated, comfortable Koko Kamper of course: it’s the perfect year-round camper no matter what the conditions!