Caravan rental Warsaw, Gdańsk

Full freedom and independence. Modern and functional caravans are waiting for you at our rental in Warsaw. Renting a caravan can change your vacation for the better!

  • Dreaming of a vacation without any restrictions?
  • Are you looking for a vacation with the whole family, away from the crowded hotels?
  • Do you enjoy the camping life but don’t want to give up comfort and privacy?

Kokokamper caravan rental is the answer to your needs!

Browse the campervans we have for rent and decide for yourself which one is right for your trip of a lifetime – with friends, family, your loved one. You can go anywhere you want, thousands of unique camping sites for caravanning enthusiasts in Poland and Europe are waiting for you. With our year-round motorhome you can go to the lake, the mountains, the sea – not only in summer but also in winter!

We provide you with a safe way to travel: guaranteed excellent technical condition, camper accessories provided, answers to YOUR questions and doubts – we help to make YOUR DREAM come true. You don’t have to worry about anything – trust our campers and our experience! Start your RV adventure TODAY!

Browse our motorhomes

  • our fully equipment campervans meet the expectations of even the most demanding travelers
  • spacious living area – comfortable lounge for relaxation
  • cab air and parking air conditioning in each of our campervans guarantees a pleasant temperature, even in the hottest weather
  • fully equipped kitchen will satisfy every field cook and food lover
  • in selected models you will find TV
  • the perfect camper for traveling with the whole family
  • requires only category B driver’s license
  • up to 6 comfortable places to sleep
  • impressive functionality
  • automatic transmission

Premium Camper - PILOTE-G740FGJ

wypożyczalnia kamperów mazowieckie Polska

Luxurious and functional integrated camper for 4 people, ideal for the most demanding customers. Traveling in this camper will feel like in a luxury hotel, but at the same time provide you with full freedom and a taste for adventure!

  • travel and rest in the most comfortable conditions
  • a regular driver’s license is all you need
  • body and cab – maximum use of space
  • living room in the camper accessible even when the beds are folded down
  • Large bed for two, can be lowered in the cab (200 x 140 cm)
  • Two single beds at the back of the vehicle which can be joined together to form one large bed (200 x 90 cm or after joining 200 x 240 cm)
  • ideal for short or long journeys – whatever the season
  • rent from 790 zł/day

Premium Camper - PILOTE-G740FGJ

kamper do wynajęcia Chausson

It’s a semi-Integrated vehicle that’s built on a Ford Transit chassis from MY 2021.Impresses with its modern design and great ergonomics. Thanks to this camper every journey will be a real pleasure.

  • the perfect camper for traveling with the whole family
  • requires only category B driver’s license
  • up to 5 comfortable places to sleep
  • impressive functionality
  • automatic transmission

Category C - The FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN

Kamper Frankia na wynajem

The FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN – an extremely large camper available for rent at KoKo Kamper! And if you are dreaming of your own Frankia camper, you can test this model before you buy!

  • This is an incredibly comfortable, luxurious and huge house on wheels
  • It has numerous modern and unique technical solutions
  • Takes caravanning to the next level

The Sunlight Cliff 601 – a versatile campervan for rent

Sunlight Cliff 601 na wynajem

The Sunlight Cliff 601 is a compact and versatile campervan for rent which also provides a high level of comfort. When you travel in a campervan the driving experience is like a passenger car – the difference is that you also get vacation accommodations for up to 4 people. This campervan offers surprising maneuverability which means that it is perfect for driving on the narrow streets of southern Europe. The Sunlight Cliff 601 is the ideal campervan for a family of 4, couple or people who enjoy traveling solo. 

Prestige Sunlight A70 Camper

kamper prestige wypożyczalnia kamperów Warszawa

The Sunlight A70 campervan – a campervan for 6 people featuring an alcove. Equipped to ensure comfortable travel no matter what time of year it is. Whether you are planning a summer vacation to the heat of Italy or a skiing trip in winter this campervan will make sure that the temperature is always ideal.

  • 3 large beds – comfortable places to sleep for 6 people
  • 6 seats
  • living area with spacious, bright interior
  • functional bathroom equipped with shower, toilet and sink
  • gas stove with 3 burners and sink
  • large refrigerator with separate freezer
  • electric floor heating plus Truma Combi 6 E 
  • efficient parking air conditioning
  • spacious storage with large doors, also accessible from inside the vehicle

Prestige camper - PILOTE-P726P

kamper prestige wypożyczalnia kamperów Warszawa

A high-end semi-integrated camper for 5 people that combines comfort and convenience of travel with the value for money of a camper rental. 

  • comfortable journey and attractive price
  • optimal for larger groups – up to 5 seats
  • a regular driver’s license is all you need
  • Additional sleeping space – the camper can sleep up to 6 people!
  • comfortable and practical camper equipment
  • rent from 590 zł/day

ADRIA CORAL XL AXESS 600 DP – Prestige Camper

Kamper 6 osobowy na wynajem ? ADRIA CORAL XL AXESS 600 DP

6-pasanger camper for rent. An ideal choice for a large family or a group of friends.          The freedom to travel any time of the year and not to worry about having to use the public toilets at campsites. This Adria is equipped with a photovoltaic panel, efficient electric and gas heating, and parking air conditioning.

  • room for 6-pasangers, including 2 seats equipped with Is
  • 3 big beds, 6 comfortable places to sleep
  • category B driver’s license is sufficient
  • electric and gas heating – travel in comfort any time of year
  • efficient parking air conditioning
  • bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
  • kitchenette with gas stove and large refrigerator
  • elegant dining room with two comfortable sofas
  • camper for 6 people to rent from 590 PLN/day

Premium Camper - PILOTE-G740FGJ

Camper van na wynajem Randger R600

The functional interior and freedom it provides will surprise you! You can travel in comfort with as many as 4 people on board. If you’re looking for an option that is easy to drive and maneuver on the road this is an excellent choice. 

  • Modular bathroom with shower
  • Large, comfortable beds that sleep up to 5 people
  • Hook for attaching a trailer
  • Will take you on your dream trip quickly and safely
  • Air conditioning and heating – travel in comfort regardless of the season