CARAVAN for rent - Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe convenient CARAVAN for the family with bathroom

The Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe CARAVAN is a luxurious, large CARAVAN for 4 or 5 people. You can spend a great vacation with the whole family in it. You will be surprised by the spaciousness of the interior, comfortable beds will allow you to sleep perfectly, roomy storage compartments will easily accommodate the luggage of several people, the well-equipped kitchen will make it easy to prepare meals. It is worth noting that this is a CARAVAN with bathroom, air conditioning and heating! And for protection from the annoying insects or excessive sun look to mosquito nets and roller blinds in the windows. With a CARAVAN like this, you can travel in complete comfort and enjoy your stay at a campsite.

  • CARAVAN for 4 people – if you travel with 4 people you do not need to use the sleeping area in the dining room
  • CARAVAN for 5 people – if you travel with 5 people, you can fold out the dining area and get an extra-large bed
  • two separate bedrooms – a bedroom with a large bed and a bedroom for children
  • possibility of separating the sleeping area 
  • large table for comfortable dining
  • roomy refrigerator for the whole family
  • comfortable bathroom with shower and large mirrors
  • air conditioning and heating
  • sunshade
  • spacious interior with all amenities
  • USB ports – a modern convenience!
  • rent a trailer from 280 zł gross / day
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Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe CARAVAN - basic technical data

It will work perfectly as a 5-person CARAVAN or a 4-person CARAVAN. It will surprise you with its spaciousness, and the tall interior provides a fully comfortable use of the CARAVAN without the feeling that its roof is just above your head.

  • Total Length 7.426 m
  • Trailer Length 6.256 m
  • Total Width 2,500 m
  • CARAVAN weight:
  • Maximum Permissible Weight – DMC 1600 kg
  • Weight in running order 1423 kg
  • total height 2.637 m
  • interior height 1,950 m
  • payload 177 kg
  • number of sleeping places: 5 (3 adults and 2 children)
  • number of axles: 1
  • Driver’s license: check what kind of license you need to rent this trailer

Spacious and comfortable CARAVAN for rent - Hobby De Luxe CARAVAN

The Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe CARAVAN is a comfortable getaway for the whole family.

See what sets this large CARAVAN for rent apart

The spacious interior and maximum use of space in this large CARAVAN is a guarantee of a successful vacation. Comfortable seating and a large table encourage you to spend time together on chilly evenings. The CARAVAN has plenty of space for the whole family, while providing comfortable and cozy bedrooms that can be seprated from the living area. Numerous storage compartments and cabinets are very roomy and allow you to store your luggage. It’s worth remembering that this is a luxury CARAVAN with an bathroom – so you don’t have to use the crowded bathrooms at the campsite.

Comfortable relaxation and living area available around the clock!

In our luxurious CARAVAN, when travelling with 4 people, there is no need to use the sleeping areas in the dining room: so, the living area is available 24 hours a day. If you will be sleeping 5 people in the CARAVAN, then you can easily fold out the bed in the dining area during the night.  The living area is carpeted, which adds to the elegant design of the CARAVAN. We are confident that the Hobby De Luxe CARAVAN will satisfy even the most demanding tourists!

Full kitchen facilities in a CARAVAN

The kitchen in this CARAVAN is well equipped – the spacious fridge with a removable freezer can easily accommodate food and drinks for the whole family. The stove with sink has as many as 3 gas burners, so you can even cook complicated dishes. The generously sized drawers have a soft-close system, so they’re comfortable to use. Our CARAVANS are equipped with pans, pots, dishes, cutlery, glasses, cups and French Press – all the essentials!

Comfortable bathroom in a CARAVAN

This luxurious CARAVAN for rent has a functional bathroom equipped with the amenities you need to stay comfortable and independent. You will of course find a convenient shower, sink and toilet.

Special amenities in a CARAVAN

Comfortable beds

Peaceful and healthy sleep for the whole family

TRUMA heating

Thermal comfort on cold evenings and in winter

Air conditioning

Indispensable on hot days, cools down the interior of the trailer to the desired temperature

Roof sunshade

Provides shelter from the sun and rain. Equipment such as tables, outdoor chairs are available an additional option.

Luggage carrier for 2 bikes

The THULE bike carrier ensures safe transport of your bikes.

Luxurious CARAVAN - Features

Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe CARAVAN

Our latest CARAVANS for rent are equipped with modern systems to support the safe use of the CARAVAN both on the road and at a campsite. We offer only new CARAVANS of the highest quality at our CARAVAN rental – so you can be sure that your journey and use of the CARAVAN will not include any unpleasant surprises!

  • Hitch with KNOTT kinking damping system
  • KNOTT overrun braking system
  • ANS with automatic jaw adjustment 
  • Support wheel
  • Drawbar cover
  • Single key locking system
  • Integrated third stop lamp
  • Rear fog light
  • Wheel shock absorbers
  • Tire repair kit
  • Supports for heavy loads
  • Weights to measure the drawbar pressure on the hook at the support wheel,
  • Speed limiter at 100 km/h
  • Steel wheels with wheel covers

All our CARAVANs have air conditioning so that you are comfortable inside even on hot days. In addition, other functional features make this CARAVAN even easier to use.

  • Heating for colder days – TRUMA Combi 6 with 10-litre hot water boiler and cold-water valve
  • Efficient modern air conditioning – rooftop air conditioner DOMETIC FreshJet
  • Roller blinds and mosquito nets on windows
  • Tilt windows for improved comfort
  • Column table with height adjustment, innovative one-hand operation
  • Spacious, lit closet and plenty of cupboards and storage space
  • Luggage compartment with central locking
  • THULE roof sunshade
  • Spacious doors make it easy to use the trailer in any situation
  • Step in front of the front door

The electrical, gas and water setup is modern and safe. They utilize solutions that make it as easy as possible to use the trailer without worrying about technical problems. 

  • External socket in vestibule with 230 V and SAT/TV output
  • Connection to municipal water supply system
  • Autark-Set with charge controller with booster function, battery, battery sensor and battery pack
  • Water tank and connection to municipal water supply system
  • Electrical and USB sockets 
  • Separate light switch for children
  • External gas connection 
  • External socket in vestibule 
  • Wastewater tank, 23.5 l, on rolls
  • Fresh water tank 47 l
  • Submersible pump
  • Gas flow adjuster with hose, with high-pressure protection ( DIN EN 12 864 )
  • Gas distributor in the kitchenette
  • Electronically regulated 12 V / 350 VA power supply 
  • Residual current circuit breaker
  • Antenna outlet with coaxial cable in apartment part
  • JAEGER trailer plug, 13-pin
  • LED lighting: LEDs on the cantilever at the seat and in the sleeping area
  • TRUMA boiler for hot water supply

Carefully designed and placed CARAVAN windows add to the comfort of the CARAVAN, making the CARAVAN well-lit and pleasant to spend time in. And at night you can watch the sky without leaving the CARAVAN – just look out of the roof window. Sun blinds and mosquito nets provide protection against annoying mosquitoes at every campsite.

  • Frameless, tilt-and-turn window, double glazed and tinted
  • Front window with integrated sun blind and mosquito net, Combi cassettes with sun blind and mosquito net, for all windows (except bathroom)
  • Small DOMETIC SEITZ tilt roof window, 700 x 500 mm, with sunblind and mosquito net, in the living area
  • Small tilt roof window DOMETIC SEITZ, 400 x 400 mm, with sunblind and mosquito net in sleeping area
  • Small tilt roof window DOMETIC SEITZ, 400 x 400 mm, with sunblind and mosquito net, in children’s bedroom 
Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe wnętrze

CARAVAN for rent features

The CARAVAN interior will surprise you with its luxurious and perfectly functional inside. Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe CARAVAN

This luxurious CARAVAN has an elegant and functional living area where you can comfortably stay with your whole family. If there are 4 people living in the CARAVAN, then the living area is available around the clock. With 5 people for the night, an extra bed is easily folded out in the dining area.

  • Column table with height adjustment, innovative and very comfortable one-hand operation
  • Spacious closet with interior lighting
  • Plenty of storage space – roomy wall cabinets with soft-close system 
  • Storage compartment under the seat
  • Carpeting in the living area
  • Arm lamps at the seat
  • Two comfortable sofas opposite each other

With a functional and practical kitchen in your CARAVAN, you can prepare even complex meals for the whole family. Whether at the lake, in the mountains or by the sea, you can cook your own dinner anywhere!

  • Super Slim Tower DOMETIC 150 l fridge with a removable 15 l freezer
  • Stove with stainless steel sink with 3 gas burners, electric igniter, and two-piece glass cover
  • Capacious full-extension drawers with “soft close” and “push lock” system
  • Roller blind for kitchen window with integrated sockets and kitchen light
  • Cutlery inserts
  • Fully equipped – pots, dishes, cutlery, French Press
  • DOMETIC Fume Extractor

A CARAVAN with a shower is a guarantee of a successful stay at any campsite. Your own bathroom and complete privacy – this is the undoubted advantage of high-end CARAVANS. In this luxurious CARAVAN you have the possibility to use the toilet, wash your hands with hot water or bathe your children after a day of running around in the woods – at any time, without long lines and without worrying about the level of hygiene in public toilets.

  • Bathroom with shower 
  • THETFORD Swivel Toilet
  • Frameless window with milk glass, tilt
  • TRUMA boiler for hot water supply


This caravan for rent has 4 permanent, comfortable sleeping places and one additional place available after unfolding. Comfortable mattresses ensure a restful and restorative sleep even after a long journey. The sliding door and the separate bedroom for parents and children ensure a peaceful night’s sleep without arguments about turning off the lights. The CARAVAN bunk bed is also fun for the children, who will all want to sleep “on top”!

  • double comfortable bed (French Bed) – 2m long, 1.38m wide
  • practical bunk bed for children – 1.85 m long, 70 cm wide, with fall protection and ladder
  • each bedroom can be separated from the living area by a sliding door
  • additional folding bed in dining room – 1.97 m long, 1.1 m wide

CARAVAN rental price - Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe

Rent from 280 zł/day

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