KoKo Kamper caravan rental offers a new model of lightweight caravan for rent – Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION

The Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION lightweight caravan for rent is a comfortable home on wheels with sleeping accommodations for 5 people.

The perfect caravan for a family vacation! Low 1400kg GVW means that all you need to take this lightweight caravan on vacation is a passenger car and category B license (provided that the GVW of your vehicle is less or equal to 2100kg). Its rich list of practical equipment will let you rest comfortably in any conditions. A bathroom with a toilet and washbasin guarantees more privacy at the campsite and a fully equipped kitchen is sure to delight lovers of healthy, homemade meals. Thanks to mosquito nets in the windows, you will not be threatened by mosquitoes (even in Mazury) and blinds will protect you against excessive sunlight. Vacationing in this kind of caravan can be an awesome adventure that guarantees comfort. A caravan equipped with a kitchen, A/C and heating can take you on the vacation of your dreams! 

  • a caravan up to 1400 kg
  • ideal for 4 to 5 people
  • an extra large fold-out bed in the dining room
  • separate bedrooms for children and adults
  • possibility of separating the sleeping area from the living area
  • a dining room with comfortable sofas
  • fully equipped kitchen with super slim tower refrigerator
  • practical bathroom with a toilet and sink
  • efficient air conditioning and heating
  • large sunshade
  • well-lit interior with large windows
  • useful USB ports
  • rent starting at PLN 280/day (including taxes)

Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION – Lightweight Caravan - Technical Data

This lightweight model is designed for comfortable travel and convenience during any vacation. At the same time, its lower gross vehicle weight rating of 1400kg makes it possible to tow the caravan with a small car. You don’t need a powerful SUV to take this caravan on a trip (the only limitation is that the gross vehicle weight of your car must be less than or equal to 2100kg). Find out more:  Towing a caravan and your driver’s license

Low GVW of 1400kg – all you need to take this lightweight caravan on vacation is a passenger car and category B license (provided that the GVW of your car is less than or equal to 2100kg)

  • total length 6.886m 
  • trailer length 5.696m 
  • total width 2.300m 
  • interior width 2.172m 
  • permissible total weight – 1400kg  
  • weight in running order 1242 kg 
  • total height 2.635m 
  • interior height 1.950m 
  • load capacity 158 kg 
  • number of places to sleep: 5 (3 adults and 2 children) 
  • number of axles: 1 
  • driver’s license: check which license you need

Comfortable and lightweight caravan for rent - Hobby 490 KMF

Caravan that weighs up to 1400kg - Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION

Explore the benefits of a lightweight caravan with GVW of 1400kg

The lower gross weight and compact size of the Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION caravan make it easy to tow with less powerful cars. At the same time the interior of this caravan is in no way inferior to the larger models – thanks to great use of space and ergonomics in the caravan you will find everything you need for a comfortable vacation.


The living area includes comfortable sofas and a table, a fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove, a sink and a refrigerator and of course a bathroom with a sink and a toilet. The children’s and adult bedrooms can be separated from the living area providing more freedom and comfortable mattresses guarante a good night’s sleep. And let’s not forget the bunkbed which is lots of fun for kids of all ages. 

Elegant and comfortable living area

This lightweight caravan features a sunny dining area with comfortable sofas. You will dine comfortably at a table and – in addition – children can make use of a drawing table which is available when the lower bunkbed is folded down. If you are vacationing in a group 4 people the living area is available to you around the clock. On the other hand if you need 5 places to sleep, in the evening, the dining area can accommodate a large convertible bed. Large windows provide a feeling of spaciousness. Thanks to them you can look at the world around you from breakfast until dinner and – at night – watch the stars through a skylight. 

Caravan with kitchen

Despite its smaller size this caravan has a fully equipped kitchen. This provides the possibility of preparing hot, healthy meals wherever you are. A spacious 150L Slim Tower fridge with a removable freezer and a 3-burner stove make cooking as convenient as it is in your home kitchen. You’ll also enjoy the roomy cupboards and drawers. With your comfort in mind KoKo Kamper rental caravans are equipped with all the necessary accessories such as frying pans, pots, dishes, cutlery, glasses, cups and French press. 

Comfortable bathroom in the caravan

The caravan’s functional bathroom is equipped with a toilet and sink and will allow you to remain comfortable and independent during your stay at a campsite.

*If having a shower is important to you we recommend renting a Hobby 545 KMF De Luxe caraven

Special amenities in the caravan

Plenty of room for your luggage

Plenty of storage and cabinets will easily accommodate luggage for your entire vacation - you can take as much as 158kg of luggage with you!

Dometic 2200W air conditioning and Truma heating

Keep you comfortable in the hottest weather and on winter trips

Thule large sunshade

Allows you to create a spacious patio area protected from rain and sun

Thule Smart Luggage Carrier

You can safely mount 2 bikes on it.

Caravan for rent – equipment

Modern caravan with air conditioning - The Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION

At KoKo Kamper caravan rental we put safety first. That’s why we only rent new vehicles equipped with the appropriate systems that make using the caravan safe when it’s in motion or standing still. The Hobby 490 KMF will provide you with a full sense of security. 

  • Support wheel 
  • Drawbar cover 
  • One-key locking system 
  • Hitch with KNOTT kinking damping system 
  • KNOTT ANS overrun braking system with automatic jaw adjustment 
  • ANS with automatic jaw adjustment 
  • Integrated third stop lamp 
  • Rear fog light 
  • Wheel shock absorbers 
  • Tire repair kit 
  • Supports for heavy loads 
  • Steel wheels with wheel covers 
  • Weight for measuring the drawbar pressure on the hook at the support wheel 
  • Speed limiter at 100 km/h

All the caravans and campers available for rent at KoKo Kamper are equipped with heating, efficient air conditioning and sunblinds, so you don’t have to worry – even when travelling to the hottest parts of Europe. Our campers and caravans are also perfect for winter trips. Their functional equipment provides maximum comfort during your entire vacation. 

  • Efficient air conditioning – DOMETIC 2200 W 
  • Roller blinds and mosquito nets in windows 
  • Tilt windows for improved comfort 
  • Lots of roomy cabinets and storage space 
  • Spacious luggage compartment with central locking
  • THULE roof shade 
  • Step in front of the front door 
  • TRUMA S-3004 heater with warm air supply and 12 V blower with heat distribution throughout the trailer 

The trailer is equipped with all necessary utilities – electricity, gas and water. High quality technology ensures safety of use. 

  • Connection to the municipal water supply system 
  • External gas connection 
  • Gas cylinder box, for 2 cylinders of 11kg 
  • Electrical and USB sockets 
  • External socket in vestibule with 230 V and SAT/TV output 
  • Grey water tank 23.5l on rollers 
  • Enlarged fresh water tank 47l
  • Water pump 
  • Gas flow regulator with hose and protection against high pressure ( DIN EN 12 864 ) 
  • Kitchen gas manifold 
  • Electronically regulated 12 V / 350 VA power supply 
  • Residual current device 
  • Antenna outlet with coaxial cable in living area 
  • JAEGER trailer plug, 13-pin 
  • TRUMA boiler for hot water supply 
  • Control panel for the Autark-Set lighting system with charge controller with booster function, battery, battery sensor and battery pack 
  • Additional light switch for children 
  • Electronically regulated 12V/350 VA power supply 
  • Antenna outlet with coaxial cable in living area 
  • Smoke detector and water level sensor
  • LED lighting and telescoping lamps 
  • TRUMA S-3004 heating with warm air supply and 12 V blower 

This caravan’s large windows provide excellent light in the living area during the day and will allow you to enjoy the view while you cook or dine. And, if you want to watch the stars at night, just look up through the skylight . 

  • Combi cassettes with sunblind and mosquito net on all windows except bathroom, provide protection from insects and excessive sun
  • Frameless, double-glazed and tinted, tilt windows 
  • Window in the front of the vehicle with integrated sunblind and mosquito net 
  • In the living area, a DOMETIC SEITZ hinged roof window, 700 x 500 mm
  • In the bathroom, a DOMETIC SEITZ 280×280 mm hinged roof window 
  • Wide triple-locking front door with window and mosquito net in the frame
  • Step in front of the trailer entrance door 
przyczepa kempingowa na wynajem hobby 490 KMF

Interior of the caravan for rent


Caravanning trips are always an adventure and they provide lots of unforgettable moments. Thanks to this comfortable Hobby caravan good times are guaranteed - regardless of the weather.

The living area features a comfortable and adjustable dining table as well as plenty of storage space. Children will enjoy the drawing table, which you will find after folding down the lower bunkbed. During the day, the entire interior is nicely illuminated thanks to large windows and numerous LED lights ensure adequate light after dark. 

  • In the dining room, two comfortable sofas opposite each other 
  • Column table with height adjustment, one-hand operation 
  • Large closet with interior lighting 
  • Spacious wall cabinets with “soft close” locking system 
  • Storage compartment under the seats
  • Carpeting in the living area 
  • Seats, cabinets and beds with ventilation 

In this practical and perfectly designed kitchen you can prepare hot and healthy meals wherever you like. Whether it’s quick scrambled eggs or a two-course dinner – with the 3-burner stove you can cook your favorite meals wherever you like. 

  • Super Slim Tower DOMETIC 150l refrigerator 
  • Removable 15l freezer compartment 
  • Stove with 3 gas burners, electric igniter and two-piece glass cover 
  • Stainless steel sink, mixer tap with pull-out spray
  • Generously sized, full-extension drawers with “soft close” and “push lock” systems 
  • Spice racks 
  • Rear wall of kitchen with sunblind and mosquito net, kitchen lamp, 230V outlets and USB socket 
  • Towel holder 
  • Full set of accessories – pots, dishes, cutlery, french press 

A caravan with a toilet and sink will give you greater independence and more privacy at the campsite. If you want to rent a caravan equipped with a shower, check out this model

  • THETFORD cassette toilet 
  • Sink, mirrors and smart cabinets 
  • Tilt-up roof window 
  • TRUMA boiler for hot water supply 

The comfortable beds in the Hobby 490 KMF caravan are designed to provide a good night’s sleep. The children’s and adult bedrooms can be separated from the living area by a sliding door providing more privacy. Remember, a good night’s sleep guarantees a fun day! 

  • Large double French Bed – 2.070 x 1.280 mm 
  • Bunk bed for children – 2.000 x 700 mm with fall protection and ladder 
  • The lower children’s bed is foldable – it has a bottom with a drawing table 
  • The bedrooms can be covered with sliding doors 
  • Additional fold-out bed in dining room – 1,850 x 980 mm 
  • Comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep
  • Convenient mechanism for lifting the bed frame with gas spring 
Hobby KMF 490 układ wnętrza

Caravan rental price - Hobby 490 KMF EXCELLENT EDITION

Rent a caravan starting at PLN 280/day

KoKo Kamper caravan rental currently offers 3 models for rent. You can rent a caravan in our office in Warsaw or Gdansk!

Caravan in Warsaw - 3 models Hobby caravans for rent