Autumn trips in a campervan ? visit Poland and Europe

wyjazd kamperem jesienią - nad jeziorem

Autumn trips in a campervan – visit Poland and Europe

wyjazd kamperem jesienią - nad jeziorem

Autumn is an ideal time for a campervan trip. There is less traffic on the roads, it’s less crowded, the lines at tourist attractions are shorter, there is more space at campsites and – of course – better prices. A campervan trip in autumn is a great idea – no matter if you decide to visit Poland or travel to other countries in Europe. And, in November, an autumn road trip can turn into a winter ski trip – we will write more about this soon!

Autumn trips in a campervan – what’s important?

Choosing the right campervan, one that is suited for a vacation in September, October and/or November is extremely important. When planning an autumn trip by campervan, we strongly recommend choosing an all-season campervan, which, thanks to its heating systems, can maintain the right temperature in the living area – even on very cold nights. 

A modern campervan with parking air conditioning and heating is the best choice if you want to make sure you spend your autumn road trip in comfort – regardless of the outdoor temperature and destination you choose. The warmth of southern Europe, moodiness of the Baltic Sea or chill of Scandinavia – with KoKo Kamper you can visit any autumn destination you want!

The best campervan destinations in autumn - where to go?

Wyjazd kamperem w polskie góry

The golden Polish autumn can be most beautifully experienced in the mountains. Sunlit mountain slopes filled with multicolored autumn leaves are a sight that delights anyone who loves to take a campervan road trip in the autumn. Less crowded hiking trails and lower temperatures than in summer encourage long hikes and climbs in the mountains.

Campsites for campers in the Polish mountains – suggested destinations:

Autumn road trips by caravan in Poland – going mushroom picking and/or fishing

Autumn road trips by camper to the Mazury or Kashubia regions are sure to interest you if your hobbies include mushroom picking or fishing. Huge forests full of mushrooms and crystal-clear lakes – a real paradise for anyone who likes to fish – await! And you can cook the „gifts of nature” you collect – the very same day – because the campervan has a well-equipped kitchen. 

Autumn road trips by caravan to the Polish seaside? Great idea!

You can visit the Polish seaside in a campervan. The autumn weather is ideal for strolling along the seashore, filling your lungs with fresh air and enjoying delicious fish – without the crowds and without the „nightmare bills.” Visiting seaside campsites in autumn means less people and lower prices.

Discover many sensational campsites by the Polish seaside:

Visit Europe during autumn in a campervan!

A campervan road trip to warm Mediterranean beaches? These also attract tourists in autumn – for good reason. In September or October, there are no crowds on the beach or long lines for ice cream. Sightseeing in autumn, without the heat and crowds, will be much more pleasant…and the water in the sea is still warm! Croatia, Italy or Slovenia? Sun, beaches, deep blue water and delicious seafood are waiting!

A campervan trip to northern Europe would be an equally good idea – there, well-equipped campsites and breathtaking autumn landscapes await! 

Is exploring European capitals your passion? Take a campervan road trip to Vienna, Berlin, Prague or Copenhagen. Visit Europe by campervan in autumn – the possibilities are endless.

Autumn cycling trips in a campervan

If you take bicycles with you on your trip, there are even more opportunities for you to be active and reach the most interesting destinations. We are well aware of this, which is why all campers in our camper rental are equipped with a bicycle rack. Take your bicycles on the road and enjoy the increasingly rich network of bicycle routes in Poland and Europe.

Comfortable campervan travel in the fall

If you’re wondering whether it’s definitely a good idea to take a campervan trip in the fall, keep in mind that our campervans are equipped with all the amenities that make living in a campervan just as (and often more) comfortable than staying in a hotel! Aboard you’ll find:

  • kitchenette – sink, gas stove, refrigerator
  • bathroom with toilet and shower including hot water
  • living area with a table and comfortable sofas
  • bedrooms with beds in various configurations
  • parking air conditioning and heating of the living area

Whether you want to go on an autumn trip for two, with your family or in a group of friends – we can help you choose a campervan that will meet your expectations and ensure an unforgettable and totally comfortable trip by campervan in the fall!

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