Branded RV ? the best way to promote your business

Kamper do promocji firmy, moda na Mazowsze

Branded RV – the best way to promote your business

Kamper do promocji firmy, moda na Mazowsze

Rent a camper for marketing purposes – for promotional campaigns, instead of a company stand, as a mobile promotion point or even as an election bus? The possibilities of using a camper for marketing and promotion are many. It’s also much more convenient than a standard election bus. If you want a unique promotional tool that will also be a good source of social media content. If you want your company to be talked about, be sure to read this article. We promise it will give you many reasons to get excited. 

Camper for marketing and promotion 

An innovative idea for a promotional campaign? A way to increase brand awareness? An unconventional way to reach customers? You can achieve these things by renting a camper for marketing at KoKo Kamper. Using a branded RV for promotion of your business is a lot more than an innovative way to advertise outdoors. A branded RV can travel thousands of kilometers and reach tens of thousands of potential customers. And what’s more, in just a few minutes, it can turn into a mobile company stand, sales booth, conference room or other place to meet customers. By the beach, at a festival, at a concert, at any outdoor event. Everywhere you can find your customers. Also, because it has lots of cargo volume, you’ll always have the necessary exhibition / trade show / advertising materials (deck chairs, presswalls, flyers, gadgets) with you. This means that you don’t have to pay extra to rent/transport these items. In short – a branded RV will help your products or services stand out. 

Use a camper for marketing and be remembered.  

Camper for marketing instead of a boring company stand

Your company is promoting itself at an outdoor event. Tents, balloons, tables, banners, chairs…lots of stuff going on. It’s hard to sit and talk calmly with your customers. Then there’s the weather. A gust of wind and your brochures blow away. An unexpected rain ruins everything. But imagine being able to invite your customers into a spacious showroom no matter what the weather is. A branded RV is a place where you can discuss your products and services calmly, show a video and present an offer. You don’t need thousands to build a company stand like this from scratch. What you do need is a modern and elegant camper for marketing from KoKo Kamper – a branded RV. When the weather is good you can enlarge the exhibition space by unfolding a large sunshade. At the end of the event, you simply pack the promotional materials into the spacious cargo area of your camper. This is super convenient and saves lots of time. Your branded RV is equipped with electricity, running water and air conditioning. You can prepare warm drinks or cool products in the spacious refrigerator aboard your camper any time you want. You can also spend the night inside – a comfortable solution that means you won’t have to pay for a hotel. Using a branded RV as a company stand is easy.

Kamper dla biznesu - pomysł na biznes

Photobooth in a motorhome

Funny photos from a photobooth are currently a “must” at any successful company event. 

But what happens if you’re organizing an outdoor event? Do you know how to protect the photobooth against the weather and supply it with energy? With the help of KoKo Kamper! Inside the spacious interior of the camper you can organize a mini photo studio or install a photobooth – without worrying about protecting your valuable equipment from wind or rain. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure the camper is connected to electricity. Your guests are going to love it. Lots of fun including a souvenir that will always remind them about your brand. Don’t forget to encourage your customers to share their photos on social media!

Camper for marketing as a mobile promotion stand for a new book?

Summer vacation or winter holidays are the best time to promote books. It’s then that we have time to quietly indulge in reading. Imagine having to set up your booth from scratch every time – carrying heavy books, making sure they don’t get damaged by the rain or sun. Or…you can tour the most interesting events in the country in a branded RV that has your books advertisement on it. Imagine inviting your readers into a comfortable, air-conditioned camper, telling them about your new book in peace and quiet, and signing newly bought copies. This kind of atmosphere does more to positively influence purchase decisions than having to stand in line outside a “pop up” booth. After the event you’ll have a chance to relax, recharge your batteries, get a good night’s sleep and…in the morning, continue your journey to a new location. The books, of course, go wherever you do – there’s plenty of space for them or – for that matter – any other product you’re looking to promote on the road.  

A company event or integration party outdoors

Corporate events that take place outdoor offer endless possibilities and are a source of great memories for employees as well as customers. Even if what you have planned is a „survival” event far from civilization, you’ll still need a place with access to storage, water and electricity where you can i.e., store valuables, charge phones, wash hands, administer first aid or boil water. Thanks to the camper you can get back to civilization any time you want. After a full day of survival activities the camper will also provide a safe and comfortable place to stay overnight. You can also hold team-building activities in it and it can even serve as a escape room.

Organizing a corporate event outdoors is much easier when you have help from KoKo Kamper camper rental! Do you need access to a kitchen or toilet? A place to rest? A dependable way to protect yourself against bad weather? KoKo Kamper will take care of everything! You can rent several vehicles for team-building event  – no matter if you’re organizing a company event for employees or customers! Be prepared for every situation and make sure participants have nothing but good memories when they come home from your corporate event. 

Camper for marketing during an election campaign

Are you organizing a cross-country election campaign for a politician and looking for an interesting way to get the attention of voters? You might remember the bus used by PM Donald Tusk (the so-called “Tuskobus”). We’ve got something better! Rent a branded RV for your election campaign. It’ll give you a chance to talk to voters in different parts of Poland without having to rent expensive conference rooms. With the help of KoKo Kamper camper rental you can have a branded RV with election slogans and travel freely across the country. The elegant living area makes it possible to meet with a few people at the same time. Air conditioning, comfortable couches and an intimate interior make it possible to talk to a politician in a natural, relaxed atmosphere. Running this kind of campaign also means having the opportunity to take one-of-kind promotional photos that can be used to increase engagement in social media channels. 

Branded RV to promote your brand 

Renting a camper from KoKo Kamper provides unlimited opportunities to promote products or services. Forget about boring banners and advertising brochures that immediately end up in the nearest trash can. A sleek and modern camper for marketing catches the eye of every tourist. Take advantage of it and promote your brand in a surprising way.

Examples of how you can use a camper for marketing:

  • Organize beverage tasting (i.e. coffee from a new coffeemaker) or sample other food, products directly from the RV,
  • Offer product samples,
  • Organize presentations of innovative products and services
  • Promote tanning cosmetics, new fragrances, sunglasses, travel equipment or other accessories,
  • Help young people set up bank accounts, 
  • Help and teach people how to register in a mobile app,
  • Showcase new models of mobile phones or tablets, 
  • In the case of larger products, the camper is a great place to collect orders with home delivery (the customer can purchase a product, at a special price, with delivery to his home or vacation spot)
  • … the possibilities are endless!

Let KoKo Kamper camper rental help you get new customers!

Why should you rent camper for marketing activities from KoKo Kamper?

  • we offer flexible rental terms that can easily be adapted to the needs of your company.
  • we can provide advice on your marketing idea at every stage.
  • we can help you choose the best route and campsites.
  • we can offer you a branded RV.
  • we provide only new, heated, air-conditioned and regularly serviced vehicles.
  • practically every camper in KoKo Kamper camper rental fleet can be driven with a category B driver’s license. They are are also equipped with numerous features to help the driver.
  • our campers provide full comfort for every user – toilet, shower, kitchen, large refrigerator, living room with comfortable sofas.
  • every camper has a large trunk and numerous compartments i.e. for storing gadgets and products – you can fit up to 400 kg of promotional materials in the camper and also add a trailer with 750 kg of space. 

Do you have a different idea for using a camper for marking promotion? Looking for a unique outdoor activity? Tell us what need. We’ll help achieve your objectives!

Our campers are ready to go to work – for you