Spring Vacation / Summer Vacation 2024 – in a Campervan – first minute offers

wakacje kamperem 2023 oferta first minute na kamper

Spring Vacation / Summer Vacation 2023 - in a Campervan - first minute offers

wakacje kamperem 2023 oferta first minute na kamper

All KoKo Kamper campervans are currently traveling all over Poland and Europe, providing our customers with unforgettable experiences and unique memories. Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky – many people decided to rent a campervan – to go on spring or summer holiday in – too late. That meant that there were no more free vehicles on the dates they selected. Going on spring or summer holidays in a campervan is steadily becoming more popular – that’s why our customers can now rent a campervan in advance – as much as 12 months ahead of time! Check our Campervan Holiday First Minute offer.

Rent a camper for your next spring or summer vacation - see why you should book a campervan in advance, with first minute offers. Be first!

Spring Vacation / Summer Vacation 2023 in a campervan - benefits

  • A large selection of modern luxurious campervans – when booking a campervan for the 2023 spring/summer holiday season, you can choose from a wide variety of campervan models, perfectly suited to your needs, with different bed layouts as well as parking air conditioning and heating.
  • Guaranteed campervan rental price in 2023 – these days, prices are rising faster than ever, so a guaranteed campervan rental price for your 2023 spring/summer vacation – which is part of this „first minute” offer – is an extremely good option. You will pay only the price agreed on in the original campervan rental agreement. So even if inflation is on the rise, you can be sure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises – even if our pricelist changes. 
  • Availability of the best dates for the 2023 spring/summer vacation season – are you looking to book a camper for the long holiday weekends in May 2023 or June 2023? Or do you simply want to rent a campervan for your summer vacation in 2023? If you decide to book a campervan now, we’ll find the best campervan for you – even on the busiest dates! Later, while others will be in a panic looking for campers for their holiday trip, you can calmly plan your itinerary.

Attractive campervan rental prices for your 2023 vacation – when you rent a campervan for the next season, you get a 5% discount! Protect yourself against inflation! Next year, campervan rental prices are sure to rise. But not for you!

Vacations in a campervan = growing popularity!

Going on a road trip in a campervan is an increasingly popular way to spend your vacation. A unique adventure that delights lovers of independence and freedom, but also… comfort and luxury. Traveling in an apartment on wheels, with a private bathroom, a well-equipped kitchenette, a spacious living room and comfortable mattresses in the bedroom, with parking air conditioning and heating… it’s not much like sleeping on a mattress in a sun-warmed tent. Yet it gives the same sense of freedom. You can look up at the starry sky every night, you can spend each night in a different setting, you can easily extend or shorten your stays if you change your itinerary. You can go wherever you dream, without worrying about hotel check-ins or last-minute cancellations of Airbnb reservations.

When to book a campervan for May or summer vacation 2023?

If you want to rent a campervan on the most attractive dates in spring or during summer vacation 2023, you need to hurry. There will (almost) always be a free space at a campsite, but the number of campersvans available for the 2023 season is extremely limited! Therefore, we encourage you to book campervans as early as possible – even a year in advance! Booking quickly will give you the best choice of free dates and campervan models as well as a guaranteed price and attractive discounts.

Order a campervan rental voucher for next year!

A campervan vacation is not an ordinary vacation. After this kind of holiday, you’ll be left with a lot more than a couple of photos on your phone, that look like all the other ones. This is an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime, it’s a lifestyle and great vacation that you’ll want to repat every year. Eventually… you might even want to buy your own campervan! That’s another dream we can help make come true.

And in the meantime, book a date for your 2023 campervan vacation and go on your dream trip – rent a campervan at an extremely attractive price. 

If you want, you can buy a voucher for a 2023 campervan rental now!

How much do vacations in a campervan cost?

Campervan rental prices for the 2023 season at KoKo Kamper rental company

Free dates for campervan rental in the  2023 season