Camper in winter ? the 3 best destinations for winter caravanning

kamperem zimą wypożyczalnia kamperów KOKO Kamper

Where to take your camper in winter – the 3 best destinations for winter caravanning

kamperem zimą wypożyczalnia kamperów KOKO Kamper

Wondering where to take your camper in winter? Winter caravanning in Europe, often referred to as „caravaneige”, which means „snow caravanning” in French, is becoming increasingly popular. At KoKo Kamper, a year-round camper rental, we are also seeing a growing interest in winter caravanning. The number of inquiries about renting a camper during the winter is higher this year than it was last year! Taking a trip in a camper is not only a great way to spend Christmas, but also an awesome way to visit European cities during the off-season.

Where to go winter caravanning? Check out our suggestions!

Traveling by campervan in winter – does it make sense? If you have no idea where to go winter caravanning we have three interesting suggestions for winter holiday destinations in December, January or February. And let’s not forget a visit to the Alpine glaciers in March or April, when the days keep getting longer giving you a chance to sunbathe on the slopes during your breaks in driving. Try winter caravanning and enjoy freedom and attractive prices! The cost of renting a camper in winter, as well as camping fees, are definitely lower in winter than in the summer! Worried about getting cold in the camper? Don’t be! Winter caravanning is super comfortable thanks to modern heating systems and the excellent insulation with which our campers are equipped.

Is Switzerland expensive?

Prices are high if you intend to stay in hotels that are located right on the slopes and dine in restaurants. At the same time, staying at campgrounds in Switzerland (which are often located right on the slopes) and cooking your own meals in the camper, will make your ski trip to the Swiss Alps considerably cheaper. It is worth remembering that all KoKo Kamper campers have a fully equipped kitchen, including a range of Tefal cookware. Preparing hot and cold meals in these kinds of conditions is easy, fun and… economical.

Planning an itinerary for winter caravanning in the Swiss Alps

When going  winter caravanning in the Swiss Alps, you should plan a stop in Dresden. It is one of the most interesting German cities – well worth seeing are the:

  • Zwinger Palace complex,
  • charming old town,
  • art galleries,
  • attractions for the whole family, such as the large Botanical Garden and futuristic playgrounds.

You can plan an overnight stay at a year-round campground near Dresden. You’ll have a chance to rest and get a good sleep before setting off on your winter caravaning trip to Switzerland – Dresden is only an 8-hour drive from your destination.

Winter caravanning in the Swiss Alps

Winter caravanning in the Swiss Alps is like a fairy tale! Switzerland has an excellent range of camping sites and points that provide camper services. In the Swiss Alps, we recommend, for example, camping in Samnaun – where you can start skiing right on the campsite – it features 200 km of ski slopes. In addition, this complex is connected to Ischgl in Austria, which means you can enjoy an even more, different ski trails. It is also worth mentioning that, because this resort is so close to the border, you can enjoy duty-free shopping and buy perfumes, jewelry and other luxury goods at very attractive prices. These shops are probably the highest duty-free points in Europe!

What do the Swiss Alps offer to winter caravanning enthusiasts?

  • Breathtaking views of alpine peaks
  • perfectly groomed trails, endless ski runs
  • virtually no lines at the lifts
  • excellent conditions at year-round campsites – at most of them your camper can connect directly to running water, sewage and even a gas system. In addition, these campsites are, of course, equipped with high-class sanitary facilities (toilets, showers), professional dryers, laundry facilities – they also provide dependable Wi-Fi for their guests.

We know from experience that a winter caravanning trip to the Alps is not a one-time adventure. You will definitely want to come back!

Winter holidays in the Swiss Alps – practical information

A winter caravanning trip to the Swiss Alps doesn’t have to mean overpaying for food! The prices of food in Switzerland are noticeably higher than in Poland so, if you want to save money, it is worth taking a supply of food with you. If you’re traveling by camper, that’s not a problem! All of our campers are equipped with roomy refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, so you can easily pack your supplies. When crossing the Swiss border, be aware of customs limits.

Customs limits on products entering Switzerland

  • meat and meat products – 1 kg per person
  • butter, cream – 1kg
  • oils and other fats – 5kg
  • alcohol – 5 liters (up to 18%) and 1 liter of stronger alcohol
  • cigarettes – 250 pieces

For the biggest winter sports enthusiasts the best thing  about winter caravanning  is the opportunity to visit several ski resorts, in different countries, during one trip. And if they choose to go a little further from home – on a winter caravanning trip in the Dolomites – they’ll have the opportunity to take full advantage of the Dolomiti Superski ski pass, which includes as many as 15 ski resorts in the Dolomites and an unbelievable 1,200 km of perfectly groomed slopes.

Winter Holidays in the Czech Republic – Spindleruv Mlyn

Winter caravanning doesn’t have to happen in the Alps. Sensational ski slopes and plenty of interesting tourist attractions can be found just across the Polish border, in the Czech Republic. Winter campsites in the Czech Republic are fully equipped to accommodate ski enthusiasts but people who go skiing in the Czech Republic often simply park in secure lots. The fact that the Czech Republic is close means that the trip will pass quickly – you’ll find yourself in the picturesque Czech Giant Mountains in as little as a few hours.

Winter caravanning and skiing in the Czech Giant Mountains

If you are considering the Czech Republic as a winter caravanning destination you should take note of the modern Špindlerův Mlýn ski resort which is located only 60 km from the Polish border. There skiers and snowboarders will find more than 25 km of perfectly groomed slopes (the longest one is 2.7 km). This tourist destination will also satisfy cross-country skiing enthusiasts and walkers thanks to its 85 km of well-prepared cross-country trails and picturesque forest paths. Let’s also not forget great food, fabulous views, awesome walking trails and an aquapark – there’s lots to do even if you don’t like to ski!

Year-round camping in the Czech Republic

The Base Camp Medvědín year-round campsite in the Czech Republic is located very close to the ski slope. Its extensive infrastructure means that you’ll have access to everything you need for a dream winter holiday surrounded by majestic mountains.

Winter caravanning in Italy – The Apennine Peninsula

Winter caravanning in Italy is another one of our ideas for an off-season trip by camper. It is an excellent option for people who want to spend their winter holidays far away from the cold and snow. How about a winter caravanning trip around the Apennine Peninsula? Temperatures in the south of Europe during the winter range from 10-20 degrees Celsius, and the plant life  and beautiful views make you quickly forget about the winter weather in Poland. There are far fewer tourists in Italy in winter and sightseeing is much more pleasant than in the hot summer weather. You can taste real Italian cuisine and admire gorgeous  architecture strolling through the streets of charming cities or along the seashore – without the crowds of tourists. There is an extensive range of year-round campsites in Italy and you will easily find accommodations that meet your needs.

Winter caravanning to San Marino

Winter caravanning to San Marino? Why not! Start your trip around the Italian Peninsula by visiting the picturesque city-state of San Marino. There are several kinds of accommodations in the area – including  campsites of course! We recommend a stay at the year-round Centro Vacanze site.

Winter caravanning to Rome

You can take your camper on a winter holiday straight from San Marino to Rome. After all, all roads lead to the Eternal City! The list of sights in and around Rome is endless, but the must-sees are – of course – the famous Colosseum, an architectural wonder of the world, the remarkable Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

Where to go winter caravanning in December? To the famous Christmas market in Naples!

If you’re going to winter caravanning in December, you should head for the magical Christmas market in Naples and unique Christmas nativity scenes. Let’s also not forget that Naples is home to (probably) the best pizza in the world and – if you’re looking to do some sightseeing – Pompeii is worth it. 

These are only a few of the places worth seeing on the Apennine Peninsula – there are many more! When it comes to the itinerary of your winter caravanning trip the only limits are your budget, number of vacation days and imagination. 

More places to go winter caravanning?

Planning a winter caravanning vacation is a real challenge so, if you need advice or suggestions, we are always happy to help plan the best route for your dream trip.

Caravanning in winter – what to pay attention to when traveling by camper in Europe?

  • Don’t overload your camper! Remember not to exceed the weight limit of your vehicle. This can cause problems during roadside inspections and also be a sources of unnecessary risks during your trip.
  • Choose a modern, heated camper for your winter trip. One that will give you a chance to rest comfortably – even in really cold weather. KoKo Kamper rental offers year-round campers equipped with efficient heating, a heated water tank and quality winter tires.

For winter caravanning trips we recommend choosing one of the well-equipped year-round campers from KoKo Kamper rental. These are a few of the models that will let you relax and travel in comfort regardless of the weather:

Our year-round campers are fully prepared for winter conditions. They are equipped with efficient heating, winter tires, snow chains and a set of adapters for connecting gas cylinders.

We have many other year-round campers available. Check out our full range of winter campers for rent!