Sunlight camper A70 - 5-person, alcove campervan

There is one vehicle by Sunlight waiting for you at KoKo Kamper rental – the Sunlight A70 campervan – its home is in Warsaw.

The Sunlight A70 camper – an alcove campervan – will help make your dreams of freedom come true. Travel in comfort – with no compromises or restrictions. This comfortable Sunlight A70 campervan – which is designed for 5 people – is ready to go and waiting for you at our camper rental located in Warsaw, also available for rent in Gdańsk.

  • comfortable sleeping places for 6 people
  • seating for 5 people
  • spacious, bright interior
  • bathroom with shower, toilet and sink
  • kitchen equipped with sink and gas stove
  • large refrigerator with freezer
  • heating for comfort in winter or on cold days
  • air conditioning in the cab plus parking air conditioning in the rest of the interior 
  • large storage space which can also be accessed from inside the vehicle

Sunlight A70 campervan for rent - basic technical data

Sunlight A70, a perfect alcove campervan no matter what the weather!

Kamper Sunlight A70 na wynajem

Why rent a Sunlight A70 campervan?

The Sunlight A70 campervan is ideal for a large family or a group of friends. The campervan can sleep up to 6 people – with two large, comfortable beds in the bedroom and alcove, and one folding bed in the living area. If there are only 4 people traveling, they don’t need the bed in the living room – which means you can use it any time (day or night).  

Kitchen and bathroom with shower for even more independence

The Sunlight A70 camper has a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a functional kitchen. A large refrigerator, stove with 3 burners, sink and spacious cabinets – these features are sure to make cooking outside a lot of fun.

Spend time together no matter the weather

The practical layout of the comfortable sofas is the perfect place to chat over coffee, tea or cold drinks…which are easy to chill in the spacious refrigerator. With a bright interior and large windows this campervan gives you a natural feeling of spaciousness. On cloudy days you can spend time under a huge sunshade – which also does a great job of protecting you from the rain. This is a kind of “terrace with a roof” that is always there and makes your living space much larger. 

Plenty of space for your luggage and sporting goods

Also worth noting is the large storage space with wide doors. This makes it easy to pack even larger pieces of luggage and equipment for playing various sports. This storage space is also accessible from inside the camper – so you don’t have to leave the vehicle every time you need something.

Special amenities - Sunlight A70 campervan

Comfortable beds for 6 people

Comfortable mattresses and wide beds

Efficient heating – built into the floor plus Truma Combi 6 E.

Parking air conditioning

Makes it easy to rest on hot days

Thule sunshade

Provides a large outdoor terrace protected from rain and sunshine

Rack for 4 bicycles.

Safe transportation of bicycles to every corner of Europe

Solar panel (180 W).

Guaranteeing even more freedom on the go

Large storage space

With wide doors and access from inside the vehicle

Sunlight A70 campervan - features

The Sunlight A70 takes care of your entire crew – on the go or at the campsite. The driver has access to a range of modern features that make traveling more comfortable including electric mirrors, air conditioning or cruise control – not to mention the adjustable armrests that are especially handy on long trips.

  • Safety package: 2 headrests and 2 lap belts on the bench
  • Reversing camera 
  • Manual air conditioning in the cabin
  • Heated and electrically operated exterior mirrors
  • FIAT Cruise Control
  • Adjustable armrests

Parking air conditioning, heating and insulated tanks ensure comfort no matter what time of year it is. In summer you can cool down the interior with efficient air conditioning (fully independent of the car’s engine) and in winter you can heat up the living area and admire the snowy scenery in the warmth of your campervan.

  • Combi 6E heating (with electric heater)
  • Electric floor heating in the living area
  • Insulated hrey water tank
  • Manual air conditioning for the cab
  • Parking air conditioning (2200 W) with heating option
  • Drinking water tank with external supply and regulation – 122 l
  • Heated and insulated gray water tank – 90 l
  • Solar panel (180 W) with regulator

The Sunlight campervan is equipped with everything you need to stay comfortable – no matter where you are or what the weather is like. Inside you’ll find things that are sure to make your vacation a success. 

  • Thule sunshade (4.5 m)
  • Rack for 4 bikes
  • Closet for clothes
  • Additional 230V and 12V sockets
  • Entrance door with mosquito net
  • Windows with roller blinds and mosquito nets
  • Roof window with mosquito net
  • Convenient, electrically extendable entry step
  • Large luggage compartment accessible from outside as well as inside the vehicle
  • Cabinets and backrests with ventilation

Sunlight A70 campervan with alcove - living area

The sleeping area features very comfortable mattresses and lighting that allows you to read a book. 

  • Double bed in the rear of the vehicle – 210 x 150 x 135 cm
  • Double bed in the alcove – 210 x 160 cm
  • Double folding bed in the living area – 185 cm x 100 cm

Like all the campervans at KoKo Kamper rental the Sunlight A70 alcove campervan is equipped with a functional bathroom which provides an even greater sense of freedom during your trip.

  • Shower cabin
  • Removable wooden grate for the shower tray
  • Washbasin with mirrors
  • Chemical toilet
  • Roof window with mosquito net 
  • Hanger for towels or clothes

In this campervan a comfortable living room awaits – and you can turn it into an additional bedroom with a double bed when the table is folded down. Large windows provide lots of natural light.

  • Comfortable sofas and a folding table
  • Closet for clothes
  • Numerous cabinets
  • Windows and doors equipped with mosquito nets
  • Large windows that brighten up the interior
  • Elegant LED lighting

This campervan makes it possible to cook even the most sophisticated meals. Thanks to a large refrigerator, sink, gas stove and storage cabinets you have everything you need!

  • Work zone with practical countertop
  • Gas stove with 3 burners 
  • Sink 
  • Large compressor refrigerator (12 V/230 V) with a capacity of 167 liters and a separate freezer
  • Drawers with silent-closing system
  • LED lighting


Kamper Sunlight A70 układ wnętrza


Sunlight A70 alcove campervan – the perfect trip companion!

Do you want to travel to an exciting vacation resort or take a peaceful trip surrounded by nature? You don’t have to choose! Travel how and where you want. The Sunlight A70 alcove campervan will make your dream trip come true.

KoKo Kamper – located in Gdansk, available for rent in Warsaw.

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