By camper through Europe

Croatia trip - special offer!

Traveling by camper van through Europe – sunshine, independence, travel in comfort! Sounds good, but who can do it? We can! You are about to embark on a 16-day camper trip to the Balkans – an unforgettable vacation. And we will take care of everything for you!

Destination: CROATIA – land of sun and vines.

How to participate?

  • You – rent a luxury KOKO Kampera
  • We – we’ll take care of the rest

Camper trip - do you need experience?

Even if it is your first trip abroad in a camper, you can feel safe and cared for. Because you will be advised by people from a friendly camper rental company with over 20 years of experience in caravanning, who know Croatia like the back of their hand. With this kind of support, travelling by camper is easy!

TIME: 10.09.2021 - 26.09.2021

ROUTE PLAN: Warsaw - Zakopane - Balaton - Zagreb - Istria - Krk - Cres - Split - Zadar, Sibenik - Krka Falls - Plitvice Lakes

Decide which attractions you want to see!


  • Prestige – 6900 zł instead of 8850 zł, you save: 1950 zł
  • Premium – 8900 zł instead of 11850 zł, you save: 2950 zł

Please note: promotions shown on the KOKO Kamper website can’t be combined.

We organize a camper trip to Croatia in cooperation with a friendly campervan rental company.



4.00 p.m. – release of campers and training of participants


7.00 – departure from Warsaw

approx. 12.00 – testing in Krakow

14.00 – dinner at a restaurant in the mountains

18.00 Chochołowskie Baths

21.00 – supper at Krupówki and rest at the camping under Krokwia


departure towards Lake Balaton in Hungary

TBC. – depending on the weather and current COVID-19 restrictions. Updates will appear here on KOKO Kamper social media channels.



total for 4 to 5 people

14 nights at campgrounds for 4 people – about 2500 PLN for best locations with a sea view. Places about 100 m from the shore are considerably cheaper: total cost drops to about 1500 PLN.


total for the entire trip – 1 camper
about 2500 PLN including tolls (3500 km)


total for 4 or 5 people
1000 PLN or more: depending on your culinary preferences and whether you will prepare to cook your own meals or eat in restaurants


total for 4 to 5 people
approximately 1500 PLN

PLEASE NOTE: We are not an organizer as defined by the Tourist Services Act. KOKO KAMPER camper rental is not responsible for any events that occur during the rental of the camper. Each participant insures her/himself individually. The full Agreement and Regulations of the Camper Rental apply. You rent the RV and join the trip at your own risk. All costs such as fuel, camping, food, attractions, highway tolls, fines, and medical treatment are covered by the renter.