Travel by camper across Europe

Camper trips - organizer!

Traveling by camper across Europe – sun, lakes, mountains, the sights, and the independence, full comfort of travel! Sounds good, but who can handle it? We can! Before you perfectly planned camper trips to the Balkans, Western Europe, the Mediterranean Sea…wherever you want. Unforgettable camper vacations await you.

What do you need to do to take advantage of our offer?

Just let us know:

  • when and where you want to go
  • how many people you want to take with you
  • which of our campers you like most

..and we’ll take care of everything for you! 

Take a camper trip through Europe – a turquoise, warm sea, fabulous views, ancient monuments, alpine peaks, or the Mediterranean climate are all within your reach – no plane, no boring all-inclusive tours, no hotels, and no restrictions. You visit what you want when you want. Hundreds of comfortable campsites across Europe are waiting for you, your family and your friends!

Travel by camper across Europe – Recommended destinations for a motorhome trip:

  • CROATIA by CAMPER – land of sun and vines
  • ITALY by CAMPER – unique monuments and heavenly beaches
  • NORWAY by CAMPER – amazing landscapes and wild camping sites
  • SWITZERLAND by CAMPER – breathtaking mountain peaks and quaint villages
  • SLOVENIA by CAMPER – picturesque landscapes and unique wine
  • AUSTRIA by CAMPER – fabulous mountains, not only for skiers
  • GERMANY in a CAMPER – a paradise for campers and numerous amusement parks 
  • HUNGARY by CAMPER – amazing architecture, beautiful nature and…Balaton.

How to participate?

  • You – rent a luxurious KOKO motorhome
  • We – take care of the rest

Camper trips - do you need experience?

Even if this is your first trip in a camper van, you can feel safe and looked after. Because you will be advised by people from our rental company who have extensive experience in camper travel. With that kind of support travelling in a camper van is easy!

DATE OF THE TRIP:: you decide!

CAMPER ROUTE PLAN: just tell us where you want to go, and we will help you determine the best route! You decide which attractions you want to see! We organize a camper trip across Europe for you, fall or the price of renting a camper from our rental agency! We will help you plan your dream trip, determine the route, choose camping sites, with no hidden costs!


The cost of renting a camper is calculated based on the price list. Trip planning– is FREE!

Please note: promotions shown on the KOKO Kamper website can’t be combined. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are not an organizer as defined by the act on tourism. KOKO KAMPER camper rental is not responsible for any events that occur during the rental of the camper. Each participant insures himself. The full agreement and regulations of the camper rental apply. You rent the camper and join a trip at your own risk. All costs such as fuel, camping, food, attractions, highway tolls, fines, and medical treatment are covered by the renter.