I want to buy a camper and make money on it

Owning your own camper is a smart investment idea and opportunity for a unique vacation. In the KOKO Kamper Fleet model you invest your money in a comfortable camper. We help you choose and buy a camper – provide expert advice and assistance in financing. You can use your camper whenever you want*, and the rest of the time your camper is in our rental fleet and earns you money.

Buying a camper - what do you get?

  • your own camper – freedom, adventure, independence; you can travel whenever you want*.
  • up to 80% of profits from the rental – your camper earns money when you are not driving it, our commission is only 20%.
  • assistance in choosing leasing options and insurance
  • expert advice on buying a camper – we have experience and tell you how to choose the best camper
  • advice on retrofitting the camper, i.e. what additional elements to choose so that the camper has everything you and your clients need (e.g. sunshade, air conditioning, bike rack, tables and chairs, kitchen equipment and the interior of the camper)
  • assisting with the pickup of the camper
  • preparing the camper for rental

Camper rental - something you don't have to do because we do it for you:

  • we look for customers for you and make sure that your new camper works for you – you get 80% of the profits, and if you bring a customer yourself – 90% of the rental fee goes to you
  • you are not involved in any rental formalities from the moment you hand over the camper to KOKO Kamper Fleet
  • we keep an eye on inspection dates and take care of the technical condition of your vehicle, we inform you about the necessity of any repairs
  • if you ever decide to sell your camper, we will help you find a customer

* You declare when you want to use the camper – you choose the dates that suit you completely. Please note that if you use the camper for your own needs during peak season, your rental profit may be lower.

Your investment, or how much does it cost?

  • prices of campers range from PLN 350-400 000 with equipment such as air conditioning, sunshade with adapter, bike carrier, TV + antenna
  • we recommend an initial investment of at least 20% of the purchase amount of the camper, depending on the model you choose that’s an average of PLN 60-85 000 
  • monthly installments amount to approximately PLN 3500-5500 (including tax) over a period of 5 years
  • if you increase the initial investment, the amount of installments may be lower or the period of financing may be shorter (if you have more or less capital, contact us and we will present you an individual offer)
  • cost of OC, AC and Assistance insurance – PLN 11.000-14.000 PLN 
  • GPS device and subscription – PLN 2.000/one-time + subscription PLN 2.000/year
  • recommended costs of purchasing additional equipment such as chairs, table, storm strips, kitchen equipment – 4000 PLN
  • All prices include tax.

Investing in a camper - how to lower installments or shorten financing time?

If you have more money to invest in the beginning and want to use it, you can reduce the monthly installment by as much as PLN 1000-3000 or shorten the financing period by 2 years. Want to see how it looks on specific numbers?


A new camper costs about 350-400 000 PLN and the recommended investment is at least 20% of this amount. Your monthly installment is about PLN 3500-5500 PLN (including taxes) over 5 years.

  • I WANT to reduce the monthly payment by about PLN 1000-3000
zwrot inwestycji w kampera
  • I WANT to reduce my financing period from 5 years to as little as 2 years:
investing in campervan

The more you increase the initial investment, the shorter it takes to pay off the camper/the easier it is to lower the monthly payment. That means you’ll have your own camper faster.

Camper for rent – how to do it, step by step

  1. Buy a camper of your choice with additional equipment. If you have doubts as to which camper to buy – we will professionally advise you and help you choose.
  2. You sign a liability and AC contract with an insurance company. 
  3. You sign a 365-day management agreement with KOKO Kamper, i.e. you place your camper in KOKO Kamper Fleet.
  4. You provide us with a camper use calendar – you specify the days you want to have the camper at your disposal.
  5. And then? We’ll take care of the rest, which means we’ll sell the remaining available camper rental dates to our customers. We also guarantee secure parking for your camper.

In the period from April to September you can count on profit of about PLN 45 000 PLN*. 

A frequently asked question is: What if I want to change the dates on which the camper is available for rent to third parties? 

Provide us with a calendar with dates reserved for you: any changes will require our written approval.

* this is not a guaranteed amount