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KoKoKamper is a supporting partner of the 15th edition of the longest summer film festival BNP Paribas Kino Letnie Sopot-Zakopane!

This year, for the 15th time, the most beautiful Polish resorts will turn into exceptional cinemas under the stars. The longest summer film festival in Poland will start on Friday, 1 July, simultaneously on the Sopot Pier and in Krupówki Street in Zakopane, and on Tuesday, 5 July, Giżycko will join the film destinations with the only yacht cinema in Europe. On Thursday, 7 July, at the Pier in Sopot, an exceptional Polish actress will receive the festival’s award: Diamond Film Clap. 

The full repertoire can already be found on our website www.KinoLetnie.pl   

KoKo Kamper kino letnie

We got it! KoKoKamper in “Pytanie na Śniadanie”, a short mention about campers and Mazovia and the rally taking place in Pułtusk ✌️ Starring Jakub Kocjan 🤜🤛

koko kamper pytanie na śniadanie

Koko Kamper, a camper and caravan rental company in Warsaw and Gdansk, stands out on the market. Despite being launched a short time ago (2021) it has already made a name for itself in the caravanning and tourism industry. Koko Kamper is more than a fleet of modern camping vehicles. It’s a place filled with passionate people and unique ideas for business development. But don’t take our word for it. See what the media have to say!

Business Journal – “Luxury in maxi version – Frankia 8400 GD Platin in the offer of KoKo Kamper”.

KoKo Kamper, in response to the constantly growing interest in caravanning, has introduced a luxury camper measuring over 8.5 m in length to its offer. Frankia 8400 GD Platin, because we are talking about it, is a model appreciated by the most demanding clients and most of all it is very much awaited.

Luksusowy kamper Franka Platin z KoKo Kamper

Radio Opole: Jakub Kocjan from Koko Kamper on the “Loża ekspertów” show

Jakub Kocjan as a representative of the caravanning industry was a guest of “Loża ekspertów” show on Radio Opole. What exactly is caravanning? What makes the camper-rental industry special? We answered these and other questions.

media o nas radio opole

Korpo TV: “Skiing, New Year’s Eve and going on vacation in a camper” – an interview with the owner of Koko Kamper

“A camper is a relaxed and at the same time active way to spend time” – why is it such a great way to spend a vacation if you’re a corporate „animal” – a conversation with Jakub Kocjan, owner of Koko Kamper on Korpo TV. We gave our viewers lots of practical information about travelling in a campervan and showed them how a camper looks on the inside. We encourage you to watch the whole video!

media o nas - wywiad w korpo tv

Korpo Voice: “Traveling on your own terms? Thanks to KoKo Kamper it’s possible!”

A conversation with Jakub Kocjan about the Koko Kamper project and the caravanning industry in Poland. Travelling as far as your eyes can see, total freedom – this is how people want to explore and relax these days. That’s why caravanning is becoming increasingly popular.  We talked about how our company was created and if we really took on more than we could handle. 

media o nas o podróżowaniu

Camp Rest: what Koko Kamper has to offer

Camp Rest’s website, which is very popular among caravanning enthusiasts, now features information about Koko Kamper including a description of our flagship campers.

media o nas - kampery do wynajęcia

Travel Market Website: “Renting campervans is becoming increasingly popular”.

This is what they wrote about us on the well-known Tourist Market website: “Koko Kamper was born out of a passion for spending your free time actively. Yachting in Mazury? Skiing in Switzerland? Parties in Chałupy? That’s exactly how our adventure with caravanning started!”

media o nas

Camp Rest – Camper-Rental Agreement

Jakub Kocjan, a passionate man and co-founder of KoKo Kamper, answered a question from readers: “What do you need to remember when signing a camper-rental agreement?”. We tell you, among other things, what features a good camper-rental agreement should have and what you shouldn’t overlook.

media o nas koko kamper

Polski Caravaning “Adventure awaits, so stop wasting time and hit the road with Koko Kamper!”

Information about our camper rental was published on the Polski Caravaning website where you can also find an interesting video about travelling by camper! You’ll also find out why Polski Caravaning described our company as “classy”. See for yourself!

koko kamper - wypożyczalnia z klasą

Mazowsze Regional Tourist Organization: “Mazowsze in a Camper”.

The unusual #KamperemPoMazowszu campaign was aimed mainly at promoting tourist attractions and exciting locations in that region. The trip taken by Koko Kamper (our company was a partner of this marketing activity) featured a look at more than 40 tourist attractions and events in Mazowsze across thousands of kilometers.

kamper na mazowszu

pultusk.pl – Offical site of the city of Pultusk – MRTO: “Mazowsze in a Camper”.

Pułtusk was one of 40 places visited as a part of the “Mazowsze in a Camper” promotional campaign which was conducted in cooperation with several partners including Koko Kamper. During the journey to Mazowsze our camper and the crew stopped at Dom Polonii (Polish House) in Pułtusk, where there is a zone specially designed for servicing campers.

media o nas moda na mazowsze

The Museum of the Mazowsze Countryside in Sierpc – “Mazowsze in a Camper” campaign

The Museum of the Mazovian Countryside and Sierpc were important stops on the trip our Koko Kamper vehicle took as part of the “Mod na Mazowsze” campaign.

media o nas kamperem przez Mazowsze

Camp Rest – Own your own camper – buy, go on vacation and… make money!

The Camp Rest website wrote about our new business model – Koko Kamper Fleet. It designed for people who want to buy a camper (which we help with that) and for those who already have a camper. In short, we disclose the secret behind making money on your own camper.

Media o nas - zarabiaj na kamperze

Adventures of Entrepreneurs – THE SECRET TO BUILDING 3 COMPANIES IN 3 YEARS – Jakub Kocjan

An inspiring and motivational interview with Jakub, who talks not only about the success of Koko Kamper and running 2 other companies but also about the biggest mistakes he made as an entrepreneur, important decisions and working on himself.

Media o nas - największy błąd przedsiębiorców

Entrepreneurship Club – How do you deal with the SALARY question in job interviews? A discussion with Jakub Kocjan

Jakub, as a CEO of Motiva HR, answers questions about hiring new employees and provides valuable tips for entrepreneurs. During the interview Jakub reveals where the idea for the business came from and what makes Koko Kamper different from other companies like it on the Polish market.

media o nas Jakub Kocjan