Category C - the largest camper available for rent at KoKo Kamper!

The FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN – an extremely large camper available for rent at KoKo Kamper! And if you are dreaming of your own Frankia camper, you can test this model before you buy!

This extra-large camper available for rent is extremely well equipped which means that it can make your dream of freedom and restriction-free travel come true – you can take as much luggage as you want and travel in extremely luxurious conditions. Despite its large size, driving this camper is a pleasure and the journey is smooth and comfortable thanks to its air suspension. The richly equipped cab of the Mercedes Frankia not only looks great but also features the latest technological solutions. A convenient control panel with a large screen and an advanced on-board computer are a perfect source of support for the driver during even the most difficult road conditions – despite the large size of the vehicle you aren’t going to find any antiquated solutions like those used in some trucks. Instead, the standard here is like what’s offered on new passenger cars.

NEW! We now offer door-to-door service! We’ll deliver a Frankia camper to anywhere in Europe. This solution is for those who value comfort and want to get on the road as soon as possible. Spend your next vacation with a Frankia camper without having to travel all the way across Europe in it. Ask about our vehicle-delivery option and get an individual price quote.

Rent an extremely large top-of-the-line camper today!

The Frankia Platin camper is a real HOME on wheels, the highest class of camper available for rent! You can be sure that any trip in this camper will be an amazing adventure.

Category C camper for rent

The Frank Platin camper isn’t for everyone! This camper is so large that you need a category C license to operate it. It is built on the latest Mercedes Sprinter chassis and equipped with 3.0 engine and automatic transmission. You will not find a bigger and more luxurious Frankia camper in any camper rental in Poland! 

Frankia camper for rent

  • This is an incredibly comfortable, luxurious and huge house on wheels
  • It has numerous modern and unique technical solutions
  • Takes caravanning to the next level

Renting large campers

We are one of the first in Poland to offer large campervans for rent. And the Frankia camper is the biggest camper available for rent at KoKo Kamper! 

Going on a camper trip with a category C license is worth it

Kamper Frankia na wynajem

This is a preview photo – Frankia campers are produced according to individual guidelines. For actual photos please visit gallery soon.

Basic specifications of the large Frankia Platin available for rent:

  • Type: Frankia Platin I8400 GD – GB588 camper
  • Chassis: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Large camper for category C
  • Engine: 2987cc 190 hp
  • Height: 323 cm
  • Length: 858 cm
  • Width: 230 cm
  • Seats: 4
  • Sleeping places: 4
  • DMC: 5500 (category C license, category C camper)
  • Transmission: 7-speed automatic transmission
  • From 2000PLN gross / day

A very large camper, even for category C, is waiting for you at KoKo Kamper rental

The FRANKIA I 8400 PLATIN camper provides the ultimate caravanning experience. It’s more freedom and luxury than you can imagine!

See what makes this extremely luxurious, large Cat C camper one of a kind

Extra-large living space in the camper

This Mercedes camper has a very spacious interior and is over 2 meters high from floor to ceiling, so even tall people will feel completely comfortable in it. A bright and elegant living area awaits you in the camper which you can further modify thanks to the sliding table option. With two large, comfortable couches and two swivel cab seats, you can host quite a social gathering! You will also be surprised by the size of the beds – they are larger and more comfortable than in many luxury hotels! The living area is complemented by a large kitchen with a well-organized space. The extremely large workspace and the incredibly solid, elegant finish are particularly eye-catching.

The perfect large camper for winter – well-equipped for all seasons

If a winter trip in a camper is what you’re dreaming of this Frankia camper is going to make it a real pleasure. It is one of the few models that has this level of equipment specially designed for winter travel. That includes extremely efficient and quiet heating of the entire living area, heated windscreen and a “normal” radiator in the bathroom where you can hang your clothes to dry! The ALDE brand heating works just like a home heater with built-in radiators which provide full comfort in winter. This is considerably better than the blow heaters used in most winter campers, even the higher end ones. Going skiing in a Frankia camper translates into freedom and independence in the most luxurious conditions.

Plenty of storage space in this camper

Even if you intend to take a mountain of luggage on your trip there’s nothing to worry about! It is hard to believe but you can take about 1200 kg of luggage onboard a Frankia camper! This is almost 3 times more than in a category B camper! This extremely large camper is equipped with numerous overhead cabinets, closets, spacious drawers in the kitchen and magic compartments in the double floor that can hold practically anything! There is also a huge trunk in the back of the vehicle where you can fit bikes, skis and much more. 

Large, comfortable bathroom in the Frankia Platin camper

If you’re tired of the cramped, tiny bathrooms found in many campers, you’ll be happy to know that the bathroom in this Frankia is not one of them. You will be surprised by its big, standalone shower cabin with modern led lighting. In a separate lockable room, there is also a toilet with a washbasin, large mirrors and… a heater! Here you can quickly dry wet clothes or small batches of laundry. Additionally, the whole bathroom area can be combined into one room, which will be separated from the living and bedroom areas by a door. Full privacy and comfort guaranteed! 

Unique solutions for comfortable caravanning

The Frankia Platin camper stands out thanks to its unusual and highly functional solutions that make life on the campsite much easier. When at a standstill you can use the HPC hydraulic parking supports, which provide automatic stabilization of the vehicle at a standstill with the possibility of leveling. They can also be operated manually – for example, you can “tilt” the camper slightly, making it easier to dump dirty water.

The camper is equipped with up to 4 highly efficient, solar panels, giving you idepenence thanks to a supply of electricity for several days! Clean water tanks have more than 300 liters of capacity, so you don’t have to save every drop of water. Note that this is almost 3 times the capacity of most other campers!

The huge trunk is accessible from two sides, it will even accommodate several bikes, skis and other gear, you don’t need to take a bike rack or extra boxes. The Dometic 2200 auxiliary air conditioning and Dometic 1700 air conditioning that operates while driving are powered by batteries and ensure optimum temperature for driver and passengers in even the hottest weather.

Special amenities in a huge category C camper

4 independent solar panels

High-capacity solar batteries with inverter provide camper full independence from a power supply – for several days of camping

Convenient technical hatch

With retractable power cord, tank filling and dirty water drain hoses

Additional gas tank

2 large Truma Duo Control CS "Bank Gas" cylinders and an additional gas container that can be refilled at the station

Extremely spacious cargo area

Huge storage compartment accessible from two sides - side and rear - to accommodate bikes, skis and loads of other gear

Central heating

Extremely efficient and quiet ALDE heating with radiators that provide comfort in the coldest weather.

Large electric sunshade

Thule 5.5m electric sunshade, with an extension: 2.75m - provides a large terrace outside the camper

HPC hydraulic struts and air suspension

Automatic vehicle stabilization at standstill with leveling capability, FSD front shocks and full rear air suspension

Air conditioning for the living area and cab

This luxurious camper would not be complete without state-of-the-art Dometic temperature control, which provides comfortable heat in the living area at any time of the year. This vehicle is equipped with up to two powerful air conditioners - the Dometic 1700, which operates while driving and at a standstill, and the typical Dometic 2200 parking air conditioner.

Large cat. C camper for rent - features

A category C camper is equipped with many features which ensure safety while driving and standing stll:

  • Driver and passenger airbag
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
  • Hill-hold assist
  • Central locking of the body and cabin doors with the original car key
  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz elevated frame with rear-wheel drive
  • FSD front shocks and full air suspension in the rear

The manufacturers of the Frankia Platin camper have included numerous amenities that are sure to please any driver. But remember that this camper requires a category C license.

  • Heated windscreen
  • Diesel tank 93 l
  • 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Semi-automatic air conditioning – TEMPMATIK
  • Cruise control
  • Alternator (220A)
  • Steering wheel with leather cover
  • Rain sensor
  • Twilight sensor
  • Height and depth adjustable steering wheel
  • Additional cabin parking heater
  • High beam and LED turn signal 
  • Rear view camera with display in MBUX

This luxurious camper is a house on wheels and has numerous features that enhance your caravanning experience in any conditions.

  • Dometic Freshjet 1700 air conditioner with on-board power supply
  • Dometic 2200 air conditioner – parking cooler
  • Drawers with silent closing
  • Storage compartments with LED lighting
  • Seitz S7 windows with frame, tinted glass, mosquito net and roller blind
  • Central supply system with water drum and self-winding 230V cable (15 m)
  • Mosquito net integrated into the door frame and all roof hatches
  • Trunk hatch on the rear wall of the camper
  • Trunk hatch on the right side of the camper
  • Rail system for securing cargo
  • Alde Compact 3020 HE comfort heating system 
  • Auxiliary cabin fan (Alde)
  • Motor heat exchanger
  • Floor heating in the lounge area
  • Double floor with numerous storage compartments
  • Automatic four-post stabilizer for stabilizing the camper at a standstill
  • Blackout blind for windscreen – electrically retractable 
  • Fresh water tank with 300-liter capacity, including an adjustable fill level of 50 liters
  • Grey water tank with 130-liter of capacity

This camper features and impressive range of technological features that provide travelers with greater independence and convenience.

  • Voltage converter MT 1700-Si-N / Sinus (Büttner) provides current in outlets
  • Electronics management and control computer MT 5000-H (Büttner)
  • LiFePO4 battery (2 x 110 Ah)
  • 1 x charge booster (90 A)
  • 1 x battery charger (40 A)
  • Extension for “EFOY” fuel cell system and CBE-BUS control unit with LCD display
  • LED lighting under the sunshade with separate activatable motion detector
  • Adjustable (dimmable) LED ambient lighting
  • Dimmable LED spotlight
  • LED reading lamps
  • 4 x 230 V outlets
  • 4 x USB outlets
  • 230 V outlet in rear passenger-side storage compartment
  • 12 V outlet in rear passenger-side storage compartment
  • Photovoltaic Installation: 
  • 4 x 110 W solar panels (Büttner)
  • Voltage regulator MT 550 PP (Büttner)
  • Alphatronics 24′ TV and Satellite System TELECO – TWIN FLATSAT EASY SMART S85
  • Mercedes MBUX 10.25″ Multimedia System featuring Alpine Dolby Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Alpine Subwoofer
  • Very good system that provides excellent sound in the cab and in the living area
Kamper Frankia wnętrze, luksusowy kamper na wynajem

This is a preview photo – Frankia campers are produced according to individual guidelines. For actual photos please visit gallery soon.

Kamper Frankia wyposażenie i kuchnia

This is a preview photo – Frankia campers are produced according to individual guidelines. For actual photos please visit gallery soon.

Equipment in the camper van for rent

Large Frankia Platin camper, requires category C license

The living area is very spacious and well-lit thanks to large windows and elegant led lighting systems. You can comfortably eat a meal, arrange a meeting with friends or play board games thanks to:

  • Two large sofas (additional storage in seats)
  • Two very comfortable swivel cab seats
  • Folding and sliding table
  • Smart TV
  • Very elegant upholstery
  • Solid high-end furniture
  • Led lighting that enhances the elegance of the interior

Exceptionally functional large kitchen with high-quality expandable countertop.

The surface ensures comfortable preparation of meals. You will find numerous practical solutions to make cooking easier and be surprised by the elegance and solid finish. 

This is the kind of kitchen that makes you want to cook!

  • A large refrigerator with a freezer and a fan that helps the refrigerator work when outside temperatures are high
  • Gas oven – a rare piece of camper equipment that gives you so many options! You can make toast, pizza or even bake a cake! 
  • The stove and sink can be covered with a countertop, so that you have an even larger surface to work on.
  • Spacious, sturdy cargo type cabinets and numerous self-closing drawers
  • Plenty of space for storing supplies
  • Small waste basket can be hidden directly in the worktop 
  • Full range of kitchen appliances

This large and luxurious camper features a fully equipped bathroom which provides complete independence at any campsite.

  • Separate large, comfortable shower with led lighting
  • Separate toilet with sink and large mirror
  • Radiator supplied with hot water
  • Bathroom area separated by a door from the living area and bedroom provides privacy
  • Ceramic toilet
  • A second Thetford cassette
  • Thetford Toilet with carbon filter
  • Roof window in toilet, with Fiamma Turbo 28 extractor
  • Outdoor shower with hot and cold water

This large category C camper provides space for four people to sleep comfortably. Huge beds and comfortable mattresses ensure a better night’s sleep than in many hotels!

  • Automatically retractable double bed over the cab
  • In the bedroom at the rear of the vehicle, two single beds can be combined into one full-size double bed
  • Cabinets with clothes hangers
  • Plenty of storage space thanks to storage compartments under the ceiling

This large camper for rent will undoubtedly surprise you with amenities that make living as comfortable as possible and – at the same time – can be maintained effortlessly thanks to quick service solutions. 

  • 4 independent solar panels with batteries, provide several days of electricity with no charging needed
  • HPC levelling system, automatic 1-button levelling, great stability even on rough terrain
  • convenient service hatch with functionally designed devices for easy clean water refills, quick dirty water discharge and practical retractable power cord
  • Outdoor shower – a quick way to cool off on a hot day
  • Extra sturdy front door with extendable step
  • Large water tanks – fresh water tank with 300-liter capacity, including adjustable fill – 50 liters, and gray-water tank with 130-liter capacity 

Inside the camper - layout of the FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN camper

Ranger R600

Day setup

Ranger R600

Night setup

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Test and Buy!

Do you like the FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN camper? Thinking about buying this kind of vehicle but need make sure that this large camper meets all your expectations? At KoKo Kamper you can test this one-of-a-kind and well-equipped Frankia to help you decide! 

Photo gallery

When renting this largest camper in the KoKo Kamper rental fleet you can count on convenient service!

  • When the rental period exceeds 14 days – pick up and drop off included in the price
  • Millage limit adapted to the rental period

Price list for renting a category C camper

In the case of the Frankia Platin camper prices are set individually. The price does not exceed 1.35% of the value of the camper per week of rental.

FRANKIA I 8400 GD PLATIN camper – an extremely large camper for rent is waiting for you at KoKo Kamper – a campervan rental company in Warsaw or Gdansk, or… it can come to your house!

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